M.S.Paint program comes with Microsoft Windows. This program is used by all people from children to aged person. We can do all editing works in any photo images by this amazing software called MS paint. We can paint, edit and other image editing works in this program. This article is written for newbie in M.S.Paint.


M.S.Paint is a free graphics program given by Microsoft Office. In this program we can edit, cut, paste the images, we can change size of the images as we like and can put text on the photos. Also we can make small objects in this program. We can do coloring to images in it. Another thing is change of format of an image. We can do it in M.S.Paint.

To run this software Go to Start Menu>>All Programs>Accessories>Paint.

After opening the Paint program, we can see Tool bars in up side, left side and bottom side of the main window. We can use these Toolbars to handle the images. If you cannot see these Toolbars Go to View menu and then check the tick mark on Toolbox, Color Box and Status Bar. There should appear all the Toolbars. We can see the purpose of the Toolbars by putting the mouse curser on the icon for sometime.


Now, let us see how we can draw a new image. Go to ‘File’ menu and click ‘New’. If you feel there is not enough space to draw an image go to Image > Attributes. Here we can increase or decrease the canvas size. Select any color from the color box which is appearing in bottom of the window. The left side toolbar helps to draw the image.


For example, if we want a small Rectangular box, select the rectangle tool and click the mouse on the canvas window and drag the cursor. There is a rectangular box will be appeared. This has the color which we select already. Then select another color and click ‘Fill with color button’. Now, we can click anywhere in side the color box and drag the cursor. The box is filled by the selected color. As this method select the other icons in the left side tool bar and try to draw an image. If we do mistake, we can erase them by clicking the eraser which is mounted as icon in the left side tool bar.


Now, we can see that how to edit the image which is saved already in our PC. We can change and modify any photo images by this method. Also, we can change the hair color of a man. We can put a cap on head and change the dress color of a man by using this program.

To open already saved file, go to File> Open and select the directory and select the image you want to edit. If we want to get this image in the already created canvas go to Edit>Paste From.


To change the structure and size of the image go to Image>stretch/skew.


To rotate the image go to Image>Flip/Rotate.

As final step we should save the image. For that, go to file menu and click the save button. By clicking the save button we can select the file format (BMP, JPEG or GIF).


If we want to print this image we can print as usual.

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