Hi friends,you all know about softwares.In general we know that all applications we install on the system are called softwares.But there are many different categories of software available but we think that all are just a softwares.

I Explained some of the categories of softwares.

1.System software :

System software is  a collection of program which is written to service the other programs.
Example: Compilers,OS,Editors,etc.,

2.Application software :

It consists of a standalone program that solves some business needs.This software is mainly used in Database applications.

3. Engineering / Scientific Software :

These are softwares used in the field of astronomy,volcanology.

4.Embedded Software :

These are softwares which resides within a product or system and it is used to implement and control features and functions for the end-user and also for the system itself.

Example : Digital functions in aan automobile such as Fuel control,Dashboard displays,etc.,

5.Product Line Software :

This software is designed to provide a specific capability ,so that it can be used by many customers.

Example:Word processors,Spread Sheets,Computer Graphics,etc.,

6.Web Applications :

Normally webpages are retrived by a browser,which is a software that incorporates executable instructions.

Example : CGI,HTML,Perl,Java,DHTML,etc.,

7.Artificial Intelligence software :

This software is based on the Knowledge based Experts System.

Example : Pattern Recognition(image and voice),etc.,

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