sandSurfing the Internet and exploring new websites is something we all love to do.But we suppress our curiosity because we fear of getting our system infected with malwares.Whenever we see a new link, we hesitate to click on it because nobody can tell how that action will compromise the system.But that is before you know about sandboxie.This marvelous and revolutionary freeware protects you in a way better than your highly paid antivirus or antimalware programs.It emphasis on prevention rather than cure.So let’s see its working.

Basic idea:

When we visit a bad website or click on a link, chances are that some kind of harmful files will get downloaded to our system and it will catch the system files to execute its functions.So our system is compromised because the malware has access to our system files.When you use this software called sanboxie, it will create a separate space away from the system files and whatever is downloaded will first get trapped inside this space or vault.In this way the malware cannot harm your system.You can always watch the downloads in a window called Sandboxie control. So unidentified downloads can be terminated and useful download can be taken into the system proper.

How to use:

Download the freeware from filehippo.Install the software. Once installation is complete you can see a window called Sandboxie Control and an icon in desktop called Sandboxed web browser. The control  is the vault or space where you can watch all the activities done using sandboxie.To begin with, click on the icon called Sandboxed web browser.You can see that your default browser is opened.Now this is a browser controlled by sandboxie.You can identify it by the symbols flagging the name of browser.Eg: [#] Mozilla FireFox[#].Once you identify the symbol, you can use this browser to do any activities in web fearlessly. Whatever harmful files are downloaded, it will be trapped in the sandbox and erased once you stop the service by closing the browser.The control will always be running in background and you can see it in the system tray.

Points to be noted:

*When you open a sandboxed web browser, the control will show 3 or 4 active process running. This is normal and it will disappear when you close the browser.

*In case you find a malware program running in the control, you can right click on it and select Terminate.

*If you are downloading a file, it will reach the sandbox and once the download is complete, sandboxie will ask you where you want to recover this file.

Thus using sandboxie you can do a secure web browsing.Not only that, this software also enhances privacy because the browsing history, cookies and other details won’t leak into the system proper.

In this article I have explained about sandboxie for basic users.Advanced users can always use more features of this software to suit their needs.So go ahead and click on any link you want and visit any website you like!!!



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