Working on ERP is challenging

Why it is challenging? you will know by my following decription.

This time I am working in Mumbai . That company have lot of project and technical persons for development works are very less. I am already alloted for three project.

So workload is very much high. Person belongs to Axapta development is very less in India so lot of companies project, work but there is no good skilled person.

So they hire more fresher to trained them when they trained then they resign because they go opportunity at other companies so pending work always done by exsisting key person.

This type of challenges facing most of IT companies. I got treatment from boss daily but I am still working with high pressure environment I know one day i will realize my ability.

Good confidence and interest needed during work to handle clients. Sometime I think Its better if I do some own business. Atleast I will release from daily tension.

With tension life is going silly. Could anyone advice me what should I do.

I am facing this problem so I am sharing it. One other think I want to share with you I am not interested for job but its requirement so its other type of pressure create automatically.

If some one face same thing then please share it to the world to know you better.

I am writing this article because I have time and today is sunday. I will share lot of thingk other day.

Friends I think 3 idiots movie is best to live life in right direction.



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