Insert Captions in Word 2010:

Go to the Reference Ribbon and click Insert Caption.


In the caption dialog, under Options choose Label as figures, table or equations. Select Position as “Below selected item” or “Above Selected Item”.

Selecting Exclude label from caption will not include the label in the Caption textbox.

You can also name the label of your choice. Click New Label, enter a name for the label and click OK.


You can also delete the label that is created by selecting the particular label and clicking Delete Label (only labels that are created by the users can be deleted).

Click Numbering. The Caption Numbering dialog will be displayed. Choose a format and click OK.


If you wish to include chapter number in the caption, select the checkbox Include chapter number.

Select the style in which the chapter was formatted from the drop-down box.

Click Use separator to choose from a range of separator to be included between the format type and chapter number. The various separators available are hyphen, period, colon, em-dash, en-dash.


Insert Cross-References in Word 2010:

Cross-reference is used when you want the user to refer from one part of the document to the other. However, it happens within the same document.

First of all select the text, figure or object that you want to cross reference to. Suppose for the given diagram I want to refer to the heading at the end of the figure so that they have an idea on what the figure is all about.


Keep the cursor where you would want the reference to appear. Go to the Reference Ribbon and click Cross-reference.


The Cross-reference dialog appears. Select the Reference type from the options as numbered item, figure, heading, bookmark, footnote, endnote, table and equation.

Select the Insert reference to corresponding to the reference type selected.

Select the checkbox Insert as hyperlink if you want the cross-reference to be hyperlinked.

Select For which caption to select the specified reference type.

Click Insert. The cross reference will be inserted. The cross-reference appears at the end of the diagram.


You may shorten the long heading and give it a short name.


In the given figure, when you click on Note, it will take you to the top of the page.

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