Internet the Interesting Media

The internet is the word that is on everyone’s lips. So what is internet? Why internet. We can learn today about internet. What is internet and why it is used. Internet is the huge global network of computers connected together along cables, radio waves and using satellite links.

Internet is used to send the packet of information to one computer to another, anywhere in the world within the second. The internet gives the family to all types of information. Like Railway reservation status, online booking, EB payment, Credit card payment, Netbanking and etc.

In netbanking we can open fixed deposit, recurring deposit, and close the fixed deposit all things done from our own place. No need of go for bank.


World wide web is the expansion of www. Web is the collection of documents,sounds, videos and digital photographs and information of all sorts, all connected by HTML links. We can see all types of information within a second.

People are really interested in information and no need to know about how all computers connected. All the information is web, connection of computers are net.

Key words in Internet

Web pages are written by using Hypertext Mark Up(HTML) language, a language that uses text and a defined set of commands known as tags to create most of what you see on a web page. Every year the number of people using the internet is increasing a lot. It is changing our way of our life by making our communication so much easier.

Sending an email to any one is so much easy, cheaper and takes less time than sending a letter. Internet is all about communication and information. It allows people companies, governments and charities to communicate with the public. For a company, a website is like a shop window. For advertising about their shop to their clients. It is a very powerful media. Because if you have a shop in tambaram, you could know about the shop to the entire world.

Many companies have ecommerce sites which advertise the goods that they sell and offer facilities to buy a goods online.

Why charities need website. Charities need to communicate with the public in the same way for getting sponsors from public. To access the internet, a user needs a computer with a modem, a telephone line and an Internet Service Provider (ISP). An ISP is the company that provides you with a gateway to the Internet. Once you are online you can send email, chat with your friends and play with others using online games.

For applying jobs also internet used. You can update your resume with their website. They have called you for interview. Several job related websites are their. Earning online also nowadays is possible. For writing articles boddunan is giving money to us. Several PTC(Pay to Click) sites also available. Online surveys are available. You can earn money with online surveys. You can write anything you want to share with the world by using blogs. Some websites are helpful for us to sending and getting the money very smart and secure way. Many people’s like to spend more of their times to the internet. Many parents are talking with the children using internet. Because they are staying in abroad for doing their jobs. Internet is connecting both of them.


Several sites used to send the greetings for their loved one and friends for their special occasion. We can do anything and everything by using internet. Enjoy the benefits of internet. Keep browsing and surfing. You can read the newspaper in internet. All news papers having their own websites.

It takes seconds to find the timings of trains, buses and flights, eliminating the need to spend time queuing on telephone help-lines. Online booking of travel tickets also possible. We should not stand for more hours for getting the tickets.


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