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This post is for android users.

Wanna download torrents in your mobile phone directly instead of your PC? Then read on.

Today i am going to introduce you all a torrent client for mobiles.Yes for Android mobiles.

To download torrents directly in your mobile there is an app called as tTorrent

This great app comes in lite as well as paid version.

The lite version is an ad-supported version.

So, to use this app, 

  • Download tTorrent from the PlayStore.
  • Install it on your cellphone.
  • Open the app.
  • Now click on menu.
  • Now you find options such as Browse,Search,Feeds,Settings,Shutdown.
  • In settings menu click on network settings.
  • Here you can choose network usage option.
  • Now select your connection type
  • Note that if you wanna download through 3G,EDGE,2G connections choose "Any available connections " option.Else the download wont start later on.
  • The latest version has a Transdroid search option which itself acts as a search engine to download torrent from popular sites like ThePirateBay,KickassTorrents etc.
  • You can also set maximum active connections,maximum active seedings,etc.
  • In short it acts as a mobile version of the torrent client you use on your PC.,with many options like Pause, Resume,Stop,Start,Delete torrent etc.
  • Now go to any torrent sites.
  • Search for your torrents you need.
  • Click on the torrent .
  • Download it.
  • You can use mobile browsers like OperaMini,UC Browser,Dolphin etc to do above steps.
  • Now once when the download completes click open.
  • Now you can see the tTorrent dialog box wherein you can select download directory,Can even select your files to be downloaded etc.
  • Now click on download button.
  • Yippee. Your download has started.
  • Once your download is completed checkout for your downloaded files and enjoy.
  • This app works great in wi-fi/Wimax connections.

Now download your movies ,Games and much more and enjoy.


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