Free Video Joiner is a perfect software which is available for free to join videos. As we know sometimes we download videos or receive videos from other sources such as CDs, USB flash drives as parts (Like Part 1, Part 2 etc.). Now this is difficult to organize and looks messy in a folder. So the best thing to do is to join them. But not all software are good in this task. Recently, I found this great software called Free Video Joiner. Which can be downloaded from their official website, .Now let’s check the features that attracted me to this software and other pros of Free Video Joiner.


It comes without a price tag: There may be hundreds or even thousands of software in the market which does this task. But not all of them come with a low price tag. Some of them come with quite a big price tag as it will have so many other features which we may not need. So the first thing that caught my attention is that it’s completely free.

Simple User Interface and Easy to use

There were screenshots of the software on their official website and it kind of caught my attention. The application was a simple window and everything is easy to understand. They didn’t make things colorful and complicated instead they made it simple and easy.

Supports multiple video formats

You can join videos of multiple formats. I don’t remember the exact formats I’ve joined but I guess it was .flv and .mp4 videos (that I’ve downloaded from the internet) and they joined without any problems. We can also select the output formats.

Various Output formats

 This application lets you to convert your videos to various popular video formats including AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, DVD and VCD. I guess it covers almost all the important formats and devices.

Quick Video Converting

 Video conversions were pretty quick and they didn’t slow down my 4GB RAM, Windows 7 with Intel Core i5 processor. I was able to run other applications alongside leaving Free Video Joiner in the background and the system worked perfectly without any glitches or hangs.

No Loss of Quality

This is an important aspect. If the output video’s quality decreases after the process then the software will not be efficient. But Free Video Joiner, as they claim, does not decrease the quality of the output file compared to the original file. I have converted a number of files and I haven’t noticed any change in the output video’s quality so far.

Less Output size

Believe it or not, the size of the output video is much smaller than the combined size of the videos joined. For e.g. I’ve joined two .flv files. These files were of size 34 MB and 26 MB respectively. And the output size was 47 MB. That’s 13 MB less than the combined size of the original files, which is 60 MB. And they’ve did that without affecting the quality of the video, as I’ve said before.

Some issues that requires improvement

This software offers so much for no price and I admire that. Anyway, I have to pint out a few suggestions that will take this application to a higher level and give all those paid software a big time!

A glitch where the two videos meet

I’ve noticed a small glitch where the two videos we joint meet. In this position the video pauses itself for portion of a second and continues to play without any problems. This is not much of an issue for me but still it will be great to see this problem fixed. By the way I have no idea whether this problem occur all the times with all the video formats. I noticed this when I was joining two .flv videos into an .mp4 video.

A bar which shows the progress of the conversion

This software has a small area called Output Log where the software shows us what it’s doing. Anyway,  it doesn’t gives us exact idea of how much work has been completed exactly or how much time is remaining for completing the process. Now such a feature would be useful especially when we’re joining some big video files so that we can just turn our PC on and come back at a later time to check whether the process is completed. Without an ‘Estimated Time Remaining’ indicator we may not have an idea when to return so that the process will be, most likely, completed.

I’m not suggesting ro any more options like setting resolutions or other kinds of video formatting since this software is not meant to do such tasks. It offers exactly what it says and it does that great. And if the makers decide to add more features I’ll be more than happy to extend my gratitude to them as they are giving all this for no cost! I guess we need to support creators like this so that people will not need any pirated software in future.

If you’re looking for video joining software which is FREE! Then I highly recommend Free Video Converter. I’ll give then 8 out of 10 points. 

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