Opera is surely less popular browser as compared to Chrome and Firefox but this has some coolest features which are not available in those popular browsers. One of those features is File sharing option available in the Opera Unit in the opera browser. This is totally unique feature introduced by the Opera browser which is very user friendly and one benefit of this file sharing feature is that you need not spend time for uploading the files you want to share. Just copy paste the thing on your local machine and your friends will able to see them on next second. Well, let us know more about Opera Unite unique feature.

firstHow to get it?

To get this feature first you have to download this file sharing application from the opera unite. No need to worry it is very less in size just few kbs. After downloading you will able to see the enabled file sharing option in the opera unite section as shown in below image. After downloading this file manager or before it you have to make an opera account to use it. Well, this is normal thing; I mean you have to register for any online site if you want to use its product. Same goes for here, and also as you are sharing things you need one account so you can manage your files. So first you have to make opera account to use this feature, it is also easy process just like making an email address.

How to use it?

After registering account and downloading the file sharing, when you will open the file sharing option from the opera unite you will get your personal file sharing link. That is the link you have to give to other people if you want to share anything on opera file sharing option. I will talk about it in detail later. Now when you press the setting button (as shown in above image) available on the file sharing tab, you will get the new window with your file sharing link and with asking for a folder which you want to share on Opera unite file sharing. Just check out below image. Well, you can select any destination folder in this option, you can also select whole desktop for sharing option, but my advice is to make separate folder specially for sharing purpose for opera file sharing. Just select that particular folder in it and click on ok. There are more options available in the advance settings on the same window using which you can enable the shared folder files available on the search engine too. 

Now after applying all the settings you will able to see the list of the all files which is available in the selected folder. Now it is all done. Now you can share your particular link with anyone but let me tell you, you have to share your give password too to let other people open your shared folder. Means it will be password protected. You can see the password on the home of the file sharing at the right side. You can change the password anytime after you done with your sharing so no one can enter to your shared folder without your permission. You can also make a publically shared link which can be open by anyone with help of your sharing link without any password. On the home page you can see your password, list of files those shared in that folder and your account sharing link. So you can manage all the things quite easily from the home page. So isn’t it great? You just need to make one folder as sharable using opera unite and anyone with any browser can open it with your given password and easily get files you shared. 


How it is different?

Well, you will ask that how it is different thing from other file sharing tool. Well, here you can share whole folder or whole desktop with anyone. Means your selected folder will just act like FTP site using which anyone can easily reach to your shared files. Here you don’t need to upload the files specially. I mean you have internet on and if someone accessing your shared link then he/she can directly see and download your file even you haven’t uploaded. I mean you computer folder will be like portable server from which he/she can directly download files. So this is surely a unique thing. And yes you can also make the secure way of sharing by giving password and you can also make publically sharable link. So you can easily manage and share your files as you want. Same way it is also act like social site, I mean you can have friends on Opera Unite if they having the opera accounts. And you can easily checkout the files they have uploaded in their account/folder by checking out their folders directly from your File Sharing home page. So it is like complete package using which you can comfortably share files with your friends, family and others.

So this is it. I guess I have covered almost all the information related to this feature. I must say opera have given really great features with the browsing option. I mean I haven’t seen such features provided by other browsers unless if I am missing them somehow. But I am using this feature since many times now and having no trouble in file sharing function. In fact it has increased the comfort level for file sharing option to me. I mean I just need to copy paste the files in the folder and other people can see it and download it from another second. Isn’t it sounds great? I know opera browser is not that famous so many people don’t know about its feature. But let me tell you opera having some great quality function which surely missing in other browsers. And that’s why I love opera browser and using it with other browsers. Opera is having some unique use for me which I can only perform on it only. If you still haven’t tried it then you should surely try it once at least. I am sure you will like its functions.

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