In the fast moving world of today, it is easy to carry a pen drive, but the storage options are limited. And it can also get lost or malfunction. Therefore cloud storage is an excellent alternative to save your data. You can safely store your memories on this. Some sites provide free cloud storage, lets checkout some of them.


This site is very popular among photographers. You can even share and sell your photos on this site. Flick recently announced that it would provide 1TB free storage capacity to its users. Flickr has been designed keeping the requirements of photographers in mind. You can store your photos in full resolution on this site. This site is steal proof and nobody can copy your photos without your permission. If you are using an I-Phone, you can download the flickr app for free and upload images for free. Flickr has a lot of options, you can create your albums, tag photographs, share your pictures etc. All for free. But this site has some limitations. You can save only pictures on this site and it cannot be accessed using an i-pad.

Google plus

This site is a social media plateform. Although this site is not so popular, it lets you store photos and videos. One can save images upto 2 megapixels only. However, this is the standard size for photographs. Google also lets you to share your photos or to keep them private. Google can be used both on android and IOS applications. Google offres the facility to upload your photos and videos on full resolution. The maximum storage limit is 15 GB.


There is no internet user who has never heard of facebook. Facebook enables you to create your photo or video albums on your profile. You can decide whether to share your videos or data with your friends or not. Your photos and videos are downscaled to fit the screen on Facebook. You cannot download photos and videos on full resolution on this site, but on the bright side the site offers you unlimited storage capacity.


This is an excellent file storage site, but it doesn't come free. One can join this site for 59 dollars (Rs 3400). Unfortunately you can access this site only on a computer (desktop/laptop). The carbonite cloud creates a back up of your files on your computer. For mobile users, this site can work on android and blackberry phones. This site has a web version software for your computer.


This site offers you 2GB storage for free. It offers 100 GB, 200 GB and 500 GB packages at a cost of 9.99 dollars (Rs 600). This site is costlier as compared to other sites, but accessing and organizing your files here is easy. You can view your files in thumbnail view on android devices and Blackberry phones on this site.

Which site to choose?

So which site does one choose for file storage? This depends on your requirement. If your files consist of images only, flickr is the best option. It is user friendly and lets you browse your images smoothly. If your files are of low resolution, Google plus and Facebook would be the ideal option. But it may take some time to trace a particular file if you are saving a lot of sites. If you do not use a mobile phone to access the net, carbonite would be the best option for you.

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