Android, the most popular word in the world of smartphones. Android has led the trend of identifying the smartphones by the operating system installed in it instead of the company's brand name. The growing popularity of Android suggests that there are zero chances of any other system in the market to compete with Android in the near future. Android is basically a Java operated system. The Symbian of Nokia is also a Java operated system but it has no similarity with the Android. Today almost all users are in love with Android. The reason is the dominance of android on the operating system. Nowadays people blindly buy Android smartphones. Android has captured the world of Smartphones in a very less span.

The Android Corporation was established by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Chris White and Nick Sears in 2003 at Palo Alto in California. In the same year, Rubin suffered from severe financial crisis. His friend Steve Perlman helped him by giving ten thousand dollars. In return, Rubin offered him the shares of Android but his friend refused them. In August 2005, Google corporation purchased the Android Corporation and its founders also became the employees of Google. After being the owner of Android, Google immediately decided to step in the market of Cell phones and thus Android operating system was born. On 12 November 2007, Google launched Android BT-SDK. SDK stands for software development kit. With this kit the development of software, application and games was possible.

Various Versions of Android:

1) 1.5 Cupcake:

The version was launched on 30 April 2009

Features: Video uploading, Text prediction and wireless music streaming

2) 1.6 Donut:

Launched on 15 Sept 2009

Features: Google Maps, Operating system reboot errors, excellent photo and Video capability

3) 2.0 Eclair:

Launched on 26 October 2009

Features: Bluetooth, Multi-touch support and live wallpaper

4) 2.2 Friyo (Frozen Yogurt):

Launched on 20 may 2010

Features: Increased speed of the system, High definition screen resolution, Adobe flash, WiFi, Hotspot connectivity.

5) 2.3 Gingerbread:

Launched on 6 December 2010

Features: Near field communications, mobile payment and data exchange facility, more than one camera and sensor.

6) 3.0 Honeycomb:

Launched on 22 February 2011

Features: Tablet version, Media files loading capacity on SD cards.

7) 4.0 Ice cream sandwich:

Launched on 19 October 2011

Features: Ultramodern keyboard layout, Revised near field communications

8) 4.1 Jellybean:

Launched on 9 July 2012

Features: More stress was given on Android UI

9) 4.4 Kitkat:

Launched on 30 October 2013

Features: Ultramodern security and bug fricassee, ultramodern battery, smooth screen orientation, global network coverage, Android cloud storage, visual voice mail, child and business friendly mode, offline maps, multitasking, complete Android backup, native Google T.V controller App, shared photo streams, downloadable maps in global maps.

The names of all the versions of Android are named after Sweet Dish. This shows the marketing skill, comic sense and Google's ability to catch customers attraction. This sugar coatedness of Google is really astonishing.

Indian version of Android:

The journey of the names of Android versions began with Letter A and has reached letter K. After the latest Kitkat version, the name of next version will be from letter L. A special campaign is launched for naming the new version of Android as Laddoo or Lassi. The students of IIT Kharagpur are leading this Campaign. Earlier also a campaign was made to name the latest Kitkat version of Android as Kaju katali. Indian contribution has played an important role in the whole journey and popularity of Android. Hence the IITians have demanded to name the latest version of Android after the name of an Indian sweet dish. This campaign is called as Android Lassi. The IITians have sent an open letter to the department secretary of Google, Shri Sundar Pichai. The Lassi represents the sweetness and purity of Indian culture. Sundar Pichai, an ex-IITan, has also appreciated and accepted the letter wholeheartedly. He said that he himself loves the taste of Laddoo and his own wish was to name the new version as Laddoo, but the demand of IITians of Lassi has confused me.

Source: Lokmat newspaper, Wikipedia

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