In most of the websites we may not able to download the our requested videos by using the URL. Even with some particular videos downloading tools such as videoget, download manager. One of the easy of downloading is by grabbing it. One of the better way for grabbing the video is by using ORBIT DOWNLOADER. Download it from the website or get searched from the google. And then install the Orbit downloader. Then Orbit icon will be on the system tray, we need to right click on that icon and click Grab++, a grab++ box will appear on the screen. Now for example if need to grab an video from You tube, we need to open the video and wait until it gets ready to play the video. When it is about ready we need to click on the video and video will on the grab++ bar and then we could download the video from Orbit downloader. Note: We could not grab the video while it was playing, even if it was some few seconds.

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