Today morning,I was going through the daily news paper, when I noticed that a news that I heard about a year ago, has finally made great progress.What is it? - an operating system created by INDIANS!. Yes, it was developed bt C-DAC(Centre for Development of Advanced  Computing).The C-DAC is an organisation devoted to developing computing technologies, for India, it has featured research and development of softwares across various areas, from engineering ,manufacturing to government and hostpital applications.

The C-DAc was established in 1988,it has been carrying out R&D in the field of Information technology for more than past two decades, today the total number of centers they have throughout India is around 11.They have been indulging themselves in developing and researching in many of the leading technologies like Natural language processing-where a software either interprets your speech language to text or text to speech, also in the field of artificial intelligence, grid computing,cyber security,high performance computers,etc.,THere are certain research areas that are mind boggling, like Bioinfomatics,evolutionary computing, cloud computing,parallel computing, computational fluid dynamics, etc.,

Some of the prominent results of C-DAC is the creation of a national level computing grid that can connect 17 cities across India, they call it Garuda(finally some softwares and applications with Indian names!!).They have reconfigured the GNU open office to suit Indian users, with support to Indian languages.There is something that is called x-server in linux operating systems,that renders whatever you see in the display, C-DAC has modified it so that the x-server can render indian languages in a linux platform! - They call it IndiX.They have also created translation applications that can sucessfully translate querries from Hindi to Engilsh and viceversa.The works of C-DAc(the list of them) goes on and on.

They not only offer computational solutions and researching, they also provide cources through which aspiruing students can benefit a lot.These are no ordinary cources, some of the cources offered are:

Diploma in Advanced Computing (DAC)

Diploma in Embedded Systems Design Course (DESD)

Diploma in Geoinformatics Course (DIG)

Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)

(there are more)

The Boss operating system features many sets of tools created by C-DAc, also with other packages offered by linux.They are offering free shipping of CDs containing the operating system or free delivery of the Cds to your home!.



Now that we know a little about C_DAC, we will now see something about the operating system that they have developed.Since Linux is open source, the C-DAC has come up with plans to develop an Os, that would suit the Indian users.It has released the current version-BOSS V3 last year .But recently they have released the news that the varient of BOSS operating system, that is redesigned to suit educational purposes and serve as a motivational product to encourage educational bodies to use open source software.They have planned to release the OS on the childern's day!.

So what are the features of EduBOSS?

It will contain the many free packages that the original BOSS operating system had offered, plus it will contain tools fo the educational purposes.Better, it will be completely customizable to user needs-the user can actually tailor the OS to their needs(if they have the proper knowledge to do so, obviously).

This is something to be proud of, being an Indian!!

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