Now a days cell phone has become a most important subject in our life, it is very essential in our daily life because its plays each and every role of our needs you can talk through a person one country to  another with the help of cell phone you can send messages through cell phone you can access Internet through cell phone and for poor peoples it is very hard to buy a television or a music system it's cost a lot but now they can fulfill there dreams by the help of cell phone, yes now you can watch movies, TV serials and music too. And now this is time to change every body needs a portable thing which they can carry with, for example a worker is working in some company he needs a office stuff and laptop but laptop is not portable it is like a baby with schoolbag and now you can replace it, I mean keep laptop in your home and bring a cell phone because cell phone also have a featured of laptop you can make presentation, worksheet, PDF file, Ms Office and many more through the help of cell phone so my friends I told previously that cell phone is very essential in our daily life.

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