St : sir, why should we use computers. Can you justify this?

Te : Sure Kanna, this can be certainly justified.

For Example, What will you do, if you have lots of work which you are not able to attend to?

St : Sir, I shall appoint a person to assist me in my activities.

Te : You are exactly right Kanna,

Computer is also a servant which assists in our work. To be more exact it is a “Mechanical Servant”

To explain about the capabilites of this Mechanical Servant, it is very dynamic, very powerful and able to work continuously without boredom, i.e., diligence.

But only limitation is “It cannot think anything on its own and it is not able to understand our language”

If we learn to communicate with computer in its language, it is capable of doing whatever work we assign.

St : Sir, why should we struggle and learn his language to extract work from this "mechanical servant"?

Te : This is a good question, Kanna.

The only reason for learning this mechanical servant’s language is his dynamic power and ability to carry out human work with great accuracy and diligence.

St : Sir, What is the expansion of the word “Computer”?

Te :  Actually there are several expansions given for the word “Computer”, Kanna. But here I shall give you one most widely accepted expansion for the word “Computer”

Common Oriented Machine Personally Used for Technical Execute and Research.

To be continued...

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