Windows XP has a special feater that allows the user to use computer after forgetting password. It creates a password reset disk to reactivate your user account and reset the forgotten password. CREATE A PASSWORD RESET DISK : To create password reset disk follow these steps 1.Open the CONTROL PANEL 2.Click on USER ACCOUNTS to open it. 3.When it open choose an account with Administrator rights and click on it. 4.Plug a removable media like as a] pen-drive etc. 5.Click at the 'Prevent a forgotten password' in the 'Related Tasks' box at the top-left corner of window. 6.A wizard will come.Click on the next. 7.Again click on Next. 8.Enter the current password and click on next. 9.After few seconds password reset disk is cerated.Click on Next and then click on Finish. Now your password reset disk is ready for use. USING THE DISK: Boot you computer.When it asked for password press ENTER.A massage will appear 'Click hare to use the password reset disk' . Now Click on it. A wizard will come . click on next and insert the disk.You will have define new password or repeat it blank and click on next and then Finish. Now you log on in your computer. Have a fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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