In the recent times one of the major cyber crimes is password hacking. We should be very careful with our password not to hack as we will be having lot of personal and professional information in our account. It’s not so difficult to keep the password very safe, but one should be very careful when creating the password and using it.

Here are some important tips to make the password difficult for the hackers to hack:-

  • Don’t put your password with any word from the dictionary. Because there are some soft wares which will check the password with the dictionary and at one point it will be matched.
  • Never check the option “Remember my password” or “keep signed me in” when you go to public net cafe. If you select that, your password will be saved and the person who uses that system can be able access your account.


  • Keep in mind that if your password length is more, it will be more difficult for the hackers to hack it. It’s better to have the password with minimum 6 letters.
  • Don’t write your password anywhere. If you really want to save it to recollect in future incase if you forget that, write it on a piece of paper and keep it in a very safe place and don’t forget to tear it once you can memorize the password.
  • Don’t share your password with anyone, even with your close ones. If you are really in an emergency situation when you can’t access your account, ask them whom you trust the most to do the work for you and change the password immediately once you are able to access your account.
  • Keep changing your password at least once a month for accounts which are very important for you that must be never hacked into.
  • When creating a password, it should have the following features to make it impossible for the hackers to hack it.
  1. It should have at least one capital letter and one small letter (as the password field is case sensitive, it will differentiate capital and small letters).
  2. It should have at least one number and one symbol like &, @, * etc.
  3. It should have at least 6 to 8 digits.
  • Then the password will look like for example Av4k$b9 and it will be nearly impossible for the hackers to hack it.



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