Network Security
We want to know about the network in order to know about network security. Network is interconnections. Interconnections can be done with devices like cell phones and various other resources. But here the connection of computers all over the world by wire or by any other means is called the network. The networks include switches, routers and devices like printers, computers, and scanners etc which share data over the network. Or it can be defined as the sharing of multimedia or connectivity devices for the purpose of sharing.
What are the problems that have to face in a network?

While we are on a network and not behind any firewall anyone in the network can access data in our computer without any difficulty. If sensitive data like computer passwords, bank account numbers, and visa card numbers and pins are lost through the network, it can cause different difficulties to us.

This is the situation where security becomes essential.
Sources of these threats will be from different areas.

1. Viruses and Trojans
2. Spywares, adware
3. Hacker attack
4. Identity theft
5. Data inception
6. Service attacks

In order to know about the network security we must know how network security works. It is composed of both soft wares and hard wares which works together to reduce the maintenance and to increase the security.

The software section can be classified into
1. Antivirus
2. Firewall to block unauthorized access.
3. Intrusion prevention(IPS)
4. Virtual private network.

Before starting a network protocol we have to think about its security because internet is growing fast and has reached almost all the area. So it is possible to utilize the resources of one computer without the knowledge of others
Network can be improved by identifying the risks in using network. 

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