The basic needs of human life are food, clothing and shelter. This is what we have learnt in our school text books. But the present scenario is people can live even without food, but not without a computer with internet connection. This article is mainly intended for aged people who have started to use computers to pay their telephone bills, electricity bills and use online chatting for talking with their son or daugther staying abroad.Though internet is like a boon to mankind it has got some disadvantages too when not used effectively. "Internet" has become an important aspect of life. So instead of fearing of the disadvantages let us create awareness about using internet securely.

Tips for secured internet usage

1. Whenever you create a username and password ensure the password is a combination of alphabets,numerals and special characters. It must be atleast 15 characters long. 15 characters long passwords will be difficult to crack. Also, dont use the name of your family members or your birth dates as passwords. It is better if we use generic passwords.

2. Never share your password with anyone. Try to avoid paying bills online in browsing centers. Beware of "SHOULDER SURFING". The hackers may be standing beside you and watch the keys which are keyed in for your user name. Always develop the habit of changing the password atleast once in a month.

3. Dont download any freeware. Most of the freeware will have virus content.

4. Install a good antivirus in your system. Antivirus helps us prevent most of viruses.

5. Beware of "Phishing" and "Hacking". "Hacking means stealing one's personal information. The hackers will send a mail to your email address asking for your bank account number, your date of birth, password and your address of communication. This mail will exactly resemble the mail which you would have received from the bank where you hold your account. Please dont reply to these sort of mails. Normally banks do not sent mails to validate the customer details. Always call back the bank customer care before answering these sort of phishing mails.

6. Always take care when uploading your photos in social networking websites. "Morphing" is one another villian which is a nightmare to everybody. Dont try to get solutions for your personal problems in social network forums.

7. Never ever entertain people who use abusive language while chatting .Block the user or try reporting to the concerned site authority.

Once we are aware of the security we are all set to use internet. Happy internet usage!!!!

The message for the day is if you have small children at home using internet enable the filter options so that they will not be allowed to access the prohibited sites.

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