The improvement to be applied depends on the amount of security required. Can be applied to security improvements in the following ways:

When you specify attributes in the S-http hyperlinks

Insurance client browsers need to know when encrypting or signing a document, so that the presence of shttp protocol: / / alert to a client for all requests using this link should conform security enhancements included in the league. The following mechanism is used to specify security attributes in hyperlinks.

Cryptographic Options: CRIPTOPTS specify the security enhancements that a customer can or must apply for an injunction, and tells the client which encryption algorithms the server supports.

Distinguished Name: A DN identifies a public key server. The client uses a distinguished name of the server to select the appropriate key to encrypt messages it sends to the server.

When you specify commands in the region configuration file.

Are used to control the server responses to customer requirements. Commands:

Require shttp: This command may specify one or more of the following improvements: Encrypt, signatures and authentication.

Require Encryption: This is used so that all requirements are encrypted under either S-HTTP, SSL or PCT. Use this command when you wish to receive any requests under the protocol.

Enhance shttp: This command can implement any of the following improvements: Sign, Encrypt, Authenticate.


To establish a secure communications using SSL will have to follow a few steps. First you must make an application for security. After you have done, there should be parameters to be used for SSL. This part is known as

SSL Handshake:

During the hanshake met several purposes. It's authentication server and optionally the client, it is determined that encryption algorithms will be used and generates a secret key for use during the subsequent exchange of messages over SSL communication.

Data exchange:

Now that it has established a secure SSL channel, it is possible to exchange data. When the server or the client wishes to send a message to another, generate a digest (hash algorithm using a one-way agreed during the handshake), and the encrypted message digest and sends each message is verified using the digest.

Completion of an SSL session:

When the customer leaves an SSL session, usually the application displays a message warning that the communication is not secure and confirms that the customer actually wants to leave the SSL session.


Sources of risk from viruses.

Viruses can be entered into the system by an external device (diskettes) or through the network (e-mails) without direct intervention of the attacker.

They have different purposes, only infect, alter data, deleting data, showing only some messages, but the sole purpose is to propagate.

Main modules can be distinguished from a computer virus:

Playback Module

Attack Module

Defense Module

How do I protect them?

Users should be aware that symptoms can be observed on a computer that is suspected of being infected:

Slower processing operations

Programs take longer to load

The programs begin at times to have access to the drive or hard disk

Decrease the available space on the hard disk and RAM on constant or sudden.

Emergence of memory-resident programs strangers.

The first preventive measure is to have an antivirus system and use it correctly. The only way that a blockade is effective for a virus to be used with certain rules and procedures, which should verify the following:

A system disk, write-protected and virus-free.

Or at least an updated antivirus program.

A source of information about specific viruses.

A support program of critical areas

List of places to go.

A protection system or resident.

Have backups.

and review all new disks before using them.

or review all the disks that have been provided.

Review or any programs that are obtained via network.

Regularly review or computer.

or procedure to review or disinfect your computer

or procedure to disinfect the boot sector

or procedure to restore the backups.

or procedures for formatting hard drives if they are infected.

Report any authority or infection.

By combining these methods as appropriate, provides the best and most complete security.

Amount of security to implement.

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