How is cyber crime actually defined?:

A notorious hacker is seating in somewhere at the outskirts of Russia or China with a laptop in his couch. He is generating spam messages or cyber bullying in coordination among different experts all around the world in creating a virus. Cyberspace is a super highway in action. It consists of invisible criminals. Tracing of their geo-location is difficult to achieve. They are not ordinary criminals. They sit at separate continents with a computer and Internet connectivity. They indulge in the cyber-warfare.

Computers and the Internet are part and parcel of human life. It is conveniently linked with transactions and product merchandising with a high degree of accessibility, intractability. Cyber crime is an illegal and illicit activity carried out through computer with internet. Cyber criminals can hack your bank accounts, indulge in identity theft anytime. According to European and North American countries at the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime on July first, 2003, the definition of cyber crime is, “an illegal act where a computer or a computer network servers as the location, means, target or source of the act”.

The effects of cyber crime on society:

According to studies more than one cyber crime happens in every 12 seconds. It amounts to lose more the $500 million each year. Cyber criminals have the ability to break password security. Many a times, cyber criminals will give you the lure of giveaways and they will ask for your email password or bank account details for this free promotion. Nigerian email scam asks for credit card information detail of individuals. Criminals impersonate themselves to get confidential information from people. They indulge in cyber bullying, sexual harassment and cyber stalking.

In the latest incident, one educated and financially independent girl built relationships through face book. Slowly, she becomes closer to the guy on the face book and they married on a date. After one year, first wife of her husband reached at that place. In the second year of their marriage, police caught both of them red handed while drug smuggling. It is the case of how a social media is used for a cyber crime to trap a girl. He married to her despite his earlier marriage and then he indulges an innocent girl in drug trafficking and drug smuggling.

Many a times, cyber criminal used to enter into computer others to steal important information about bank account details and other essential documents. They attack your computer by sending spyware, which could be staying inside your computer without your prior knowledge. The aim of this spyware is to steal information from your computer. It does not harm your computer. Bandwidth theft is other forms of gaining access to your internet connectivity. Yours broadband connection becomes a dial up connection. They will steal your internet time with these dial-wares and huge internet bill is incurred.

What is cyber crime

Cyber crime is easy:

Cyber crime is profitable. It is easy. Layman can perform this. Last year one cyber criminal who is illiterate in computer languages, sends virus inside a porn photograph. It has millions of download and it affects many computers all over the world. For the next six month cyber security experts have tough time to detect the areas from where it all started.

There are many regions in the world such as far off areas of Russia, Ukraine and China, which are a safe haven for hackers and cyber criminals. They are protected by some governments. It is also not clear, but an established truth that hackers paid percentages to these government agencies. In turn, these agencies never allow cyber security experts from other regions to catch and interrogate them.

Two years be one Chinese company produced an efficient anti spyware known as “Advance Security Care” and it became an instant hit. It has brilliant detection rate with zero false positives. Existing shareware biggies such as “Super Antispyware”, “Hitman Pro” and “Malware bytes anti-malware” are worried.

Virtual world and cyber crime:

At last, it proves that “Advance System Care” stole definitions updates of “Malware bytes anti-malware” thorough reverse re engineering processes. Due to the virtual world and anonymous use, the identity of the hacker and proof of its wrong doings is difficult to prove. Governmental and financial institutions are the most common target for cyber-crimes.

These Chinese hackers perform cyber attack anonymously, and then try to take control of a remote computer by gaining administrative privileges. Then, Government of India decided to have stand alone computer where significant confidential information is stored. Cyber hackers are dependent on Internet connection. A standalone computer is devoid of such internet connectivity.

Data diddling:

In 1996, Council of Europe, Canada, Japan and the United States drafted a treaty on cyber crime. In 2001, International Convention of Cybercrime, in Budapest signed by 30 countries. It gives cyber security experts the surveillance powers and permits them to store the intercepted data for advance investigation. Buy a good antivirus suit, keep your operating system and web browser up to date. Avoid cyber cafes for online purchases. Purchase it at home. Utilize standard accounts instead of an "administrative account".

Viruses are creations of bad software developers. Viruses are harmless still it is executed. After execution, it attacks the central processing unit and RAM of the computer. CPU usages become on the higher side and RAM becomes full. Computers become non responsive. It slows down your computer either through a central processing unit or through excessive use of RAM. “Resource Monitor” can showcase which process is eating vital system resources.
 “System Volume Information” can show which software (here virus) is utilizing plenty of disc resources. These two tools are in Windows Vistas and later versions of Windows. It helps the common user to find out boggy resource eating processes.

It is easy to stop viruses. Install a suitable on-access (always on and runs in the background) anti-malware on your computer. It will check every process and network connectivity in order to keep your computer safe. It will connect to the Internet to download the latest updated definition. It is important keep your computer abreast with latest developments all around the world.

In addition to this, most modern anti-malware (antivirus+ anti spyware+ firewall) utilize cloud computing by connecting with their servers in order to minimize virus attack time. Virus attack time is considered as the time to create updated definitions to counter virus.

Threats against your online presence:

For this, most companies are now giving two types of definitions updates. One is the customary form of definitions updates through the Internet and the other is a vertical connections of your computer with antivirus company’s server and they control your computer and disinfect it before proper definition files are circulated. A virus cannot cause havoc inside your computer until it gains access to administrative-rights.

Windows 8 is the latest incarnation of Microsoft Windows. It has two set of accounts. One is the administrative user account and the other is a standard user account. Microsoft is encouraging users to use standard user account. A "standard user account" with Windows 8 is of two types. One is local and the other is Microsoft. In local you login to your user account and in Microsoft standard user account Hotmail account is merged with a limited account.
According to Microsoft, “A universal user account lets a person use most of the capabilities of the computer, but permission from an administrator is required if you want to make changes that affect other users or the security of the computer.

When you use a standard account, you can use most programs that are installed on the computer, but you can't install or uninstall software and hardware, delete files that are required for the computer to work, or change settings on the computer that affect other users. If you're using a standard account, some programs might require you to provide an administrator password before you can perform certain tasks.”

Standard user account:

With Microsoft standard account, all your information is synchronized with Microsoft Windows server. In a way, Microsoft will keep a strict watch on intruders. It has some privacy concerns. If you do not want this, it is better to go for a standard user account. Here, you can do every possible task and actions but you will have to give administrative-privilege to change critical system settings. In a standard user account virus cannot alter system settings. With a restart all the virus and nasty ware downloaded from the Internet will erase. In a way, Windows 8 gives optimum security to the ordinary user. Stay away from cracked software. Always download software from official sites. Do not use pirated software. Cyber hackers inject viruses in cracked software and distribute through Google hangouts or Samsung Chat on.

Internet gateway is web-browser. You connect internet through a web browser. It also downloads possible much groupware and Trojans. It is always appreciable to utilize a superior web browser. It is always nice to have a decent alternative browser such Opera, Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer 10 of Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 11 of Windows 8.1, is good and user can use it. Previous versions of Internet Explore have critical vulnerabilities which are numerous days left un-patched. It exposes users to viruses. Countless users force on-demand anti-malware instead of on-access anti-malware. It is not a good idea. User cannot manually monitor all the virus activities while with computer. It is always useful to have on-access always on anti-malware with regularly updated definitions files.

Denial of service attack:

Denial of service (DoS attack) happens through Internet. Various connections are open simultaneously from a computer to the Internet server so that the computer becomes slow and weird. Array of simultaneous connections to single server amounts to huge resources allocation, and ultimately crosses the maximum CPU thread, which causes the system to crash. Within seconds, your system as well as hard discs is bombarded with denial of service attacks to make a BSOD (blue screen of death) to your computer. It is a cyber crime. A clever hacker does not leave any trace of identity.

An old adage says keep your friends close, and enemies even closer. Analytical communications mediums such as local-servers, cloud the data base, LAN and web servers should not be open to public. Data mining restriction is a must for safety and security of organizational data structures. Decision support system (DSS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) should be properly administered and all the safety parameters must be implemented. While working with a governmental organization at the beginning of my professional career, I was posted there as a computer administrator to oversee the daily activities. During those times for the first time computerization in the entire organization started.

What is worse is that most of the older employees who are proficient in manual works are feeling the pressure. Organization neither introduces the staff training program for executive nor any seminar as such. Executives are unable to cope with pressure. Most of them have neither had basic knowledge of introduction to computers. Yet, they have to work with computers instead of manual ledgers. This is why, acute vulnerability of data theft is surfacing as the majority of executives who are dealing with a user name and passwords, many a time, left computer open unintentionally. These are loopholes of organizations, which needs to be patched at the earliest.

Your personal data is worth money:

Due to large scale computerization inside of monetary organization, numerous customers are accessing their bank accounts with net banking. Financial organization always warns you about not to give passwords to strangers. Passwords are confidential, even the concerned organization will never ask it of you. Yours passwords transaction with the server is done through encryption.

After my graduation, I sent my curriculum vitae to diverse job portals. In the morning, when I checked my inbox with a smart phone, came to know a job offer from Maruti Suzuki. I eagerly opened it, but from the sender menu the sender name is not from Maruti, and it built the suspicion. Inside of letter, it was written you were selected for the post of a hardware engineer and for this you had to send 15,000 rupees as processing fee. I was amused with it as I knew, most of my class fellows, received company related conveniences to join. This was an example of internet fraud where the cyber crime will receive 10,000 rupees and then would become silent. I contacted GM recruitment of Maruti and he confirmed me that it was a fraudulent mail.

The Internet is a vast unregulated field. It is a savage world as distinguished political philosopher Locke once puts his ethical theory. One should always see and observe each data stream. Apposite Internet knowledge is the need of the hour. Remember nothing comes out for free. If any such freebies are in offer, then suspect it and investigate it. The case of fraudulent email of appointment as I have mentioned above testifies this.



Pharming is a virtual attack, which aims to transfer visitors of your website to another bogus website. Due to pharming webmasters observes sudden astronomical vertical drop of visitors. If you have ad sense approved account on your website. Visitors loss could directly reduce your income. Loss of visitors means the loss of popularity of your website. On the long run page rank of website comes down. It is always hard to detect the source of pharming. Pharming attack is commanded through DNS server. It is not traceable and most of their runs with lagging time. Even if someone detects the source, still it is difficult to trace the persons as most DNS servers run several hours late. DNS servers modify your host files. By using standard accounts or reduced privileged account on your operating system, pharming attack can be avoided. Remote server control on your host file would require administrative privileges.

Internet Explorer 10, is the most secure browser at all. Try to use ad blocking software on your computer as this does not allow bogus pharming as they have pre-configured list and which is updated regularly.

Threats against your online presence:

One day as usual when you enter user name and password, to your Gmail account, Gmail is retuning with this saying password is wrong. This means that your password is changed and a Gmail account is hacked. Facebook is popular worldwide. It is a social-media networking, where the user put all pertinent information, updates and other forms of data sharing. Facebook is famous for its application and games. One should always be careful while permitting applications. Fraudulent apps can steal your data and then share your private information outside. It can store your information, profile information, data and timeline information so as of information of your friends on a remote server.

It poses a serious threat to you and also your friends. It is always a good idea to investigate about the publisher of apps, and then install it within your face book environment. While granting permission to apps through “O Auth” it is always advisable to go through entire details of apps. Twitter is a social media networking sites to post small messages, pictures and videos. There are plenty of third party apps which can run through twitter as a client if the user permits it. Before installing any such apps to twitter, find out the source and author information. It is always a good idea to permit and install apps from reputed firms.

Face book is meant for friends not stalkers:

“Yahoo Messenger” is an open platform and here everyone can connect with the other, and the privacy-setting of it is very minimal and everyone can see the other if they both are online. In this way, the vitality of this once powerful and popular messenger vanished from the scene suddenly. It is replaced by Facebook with powerful privacy-functions, but yet many users do not know it. For this they fall prey to fraudulent persons who are browsing here and there. Innocent girls should be properly educated t who have a strong social presence and can avert such anonymous users. They can block them straight forward and can ban them from seeing their profiles. Facebook is meant for a friend not stalkers.

Ever since Tim Berners Lee invented the Web, various web related applications such as Blogger, face book, twitter and so on gained its prominence.
Owing to these streams of data flows across the Internet like never before. Data are essential and it gives money. There are people who want to lurk in to your face book and twitter account to know your favorite past times and after knowing this they tend to sell it to advertisers for promotions. Five years back, I registered my details and curriculum vitae to job portals. Though after some days only spam emails reached to me, and also I have seen increase of spam messages in my inbox. It does relate to me that probably somewhere at some of these portal have to sell my email to advertisers. It is better to log in to Gmail with a standard user account and send all those messages to spam folder. From there send these messages to spam and unsubscribe from them. Before opening any message, from the top observe the sender information to confirm mail as original and secure.

Please beware of fraudster:

Facebook fraudster can gain access to your account. Data will be downloaded with the zip format and then they will open a new account and upload your data and will say the singular account is hacked and fraudulent account which they open is the original account. In this way entire shifting of yours face book identity is done and all the friends of your account could be intimated by fraudster to connect with them with the original account. In this way he can now control your account and offend your friend with ease.

This is why; one should not share all the information at all. It is always, a good idea, to have to restrict your sharing options so that others will not gain access to your information. There are some who try to build a number of friends and try to add countless friends from countless sources, without identity. Facebook is meant for real friends who are also in the virtual world. A friendly request from unknown sources should be rejected out rightly. It is always desirable to ignore such requests as at any point of time you might wonder unknowingly sharing some vital details of life streams of your friends. So, please beware.

Don’t break laws unknowingly:

The Constitution of India has given citizens of this vast country the right to freedom of speech. On the other hand, there are certain responsibilities attached with this. One has to be extremely cautious while posting something to Facebook timeline or to twitter stream. One should not feel that no one is watching. One should always be careful while dealing with these posts. On the latest, President of France showed his apprehensions about the classified service of US spying against him. President of US Barack Obama has ordered an investigation. So, it is the duty and responsibility of the people who posts to see and watch all the information being posted on his behalf. Some additional person would never ever be able to remind you of this. Previous years how two girls from face book have been arrested for their comments on Face Book?

In the real world, it is always said that thinks before you talk. In the simulated world, it is said think before you post. Suppose you have constructed a group within face book and begin sending the links of pirated software to users. Unknowingly, you are doing a terrific loss to Software Company and for this you are breaking the laws. It is the same as when in of the line you are trying to sell pirated software DVDs. It is different from giving information to users the information about giveaways, software updates and other forms of deals and coupons. Remember everything what we move online such as blogging, forum posting, twitter status updates are being logged in somewhere in some computer which is acting as a server. Every action performed is being documented and thus gives the perfect proof.

What is the remedy?

In a lonely space, look at the mirror and then ask yourself, when you are offline, what are the works which will not be entangled you with legal actions. The same does apply to online world. One should not write anything that would hurt any people as well as any people. Do not get involved yourself with controversial topics as well as confidential information. Do not get inspiration from people who believe profanity is the order of the day. Always behave with respect and do not involve in harsh talking with anybody. If that situation happens, it is better to move away from these discussions. If this continues for some time, it is better to block that person from the list of friends and also there are some additional settings through whom you can entirely block that person from accessing your account.

Do not use slang and harsh words. At present, we are living in an internet world where there is no such importance attached to this. With due course of time, all these will be difficult to pass it on as for that time you should start to regulate yourself properly. With Internet, you send text to person. Emotions cannot be attached with these texts. You should write in a style in which the proper circulation of emotional attachment to the talk which you put in the text should be done. One should always write in standard English instead of using slang words. Treat your online mates with respect. You will never know how your friends would react to this. It is better to behave properly in order to stay away from legal discourse.

Just be social not an addict to it:

While at the office do underestimate with and trust of colleagues. Some time back you may have negative posts about your boss and shared with your trusted friends and after some time, you should have removed from those or change the privacy setting. If these posts are shared to your boss, then it can spill into trouble. It is better to stay out from inflammatory posts. Another difficult feature of social media networking is “share” feature. When you make a public post, Google+ users can share that post and this expands the audience level and reaching the level of the post to wider masses. In twitter, “Retweet” is the share feature and through this your short post is being shared to wider.

Parental guidance:

Social media is reliable, and do not be addicted to it and if so, then you are becoming a patient in it. Mortality is strong emotionally as well as mentally and when the simulated world is trying hard to entangle in its superfluous environment. Humanity will be bound to make mistakes from it. Personally, I use it to share my writings into a social-media networks. Lack of inter personal interactions is the conspicuous part of social-media and with it comes the gap of reality. Everyone who is using social networks should learn this and try to implement this in real terms.

If you are falling into the trap of social networks, then it is time to go on vacation. Sometimes, social-media networks can give a finer level of depression from variety reasons. One such case occurred here in my native city, when one of my cousins who are jobless has recently joined face-book. After joining plenty of his old class fellows added him to friend list. He saw their profile and realizes that most of them are as respectable jobs and he considers himself to be a failed person amidst these jungles of information and became sad.

Social media networks are not true and every detail data reveals here is not true. One has to verify it and one should not be so intense about it when entering into this. These incidents do not directly reflect the division of cyber laws; it does make depression and schizophrenia. Such state of mind can make situations for people suffering to translate into actions in a harmful way. It is immoral for individual as well as family concerned.

Do not just upload any pictures randomly:

Do not just upload any pictures randomly. Do not take pictures randomly and also do not flash cameras where photography is prohibited. Terrorists can gain this as advantageous and will try to inflict a curse through their destructive activities. After some time, there are heavy possibilities of catching them by security agencies, and when they will reveal the source of their information, that can spell trouble for you, even if you are innocent and ignorant of such advances. There are numerous photos sharing websites such as Flickr, Picasa, Google+ photos, twitter and Facebook. One should always be vigilant about uploaded contents of information.

While sharing images online one should always be conscious about copyright infringements. Before sharing any image, it is a well known fact that, these pictures are copyright materials of some other people. It is against the law to share images taken by others without their permissions. Always use your common sense while sharing other’s pictures. Two things need to be considered here. One is too aware of copyright of these pictures and the other is as well aware of whether these pictures are of forbidden areas are not.

Avoid hate groups:

The Internet is an uncontrolled territory. It is a dashboard of all goods and evils. Everything spreads fast here. There is little chance of controlling and policing. Due to the advent of Web 3.0, users are now connecting multiple accounts through “OAuth” and information spreads fast. Twitter is faster than earthquake. News can spread within seconds far and wide. There are many forums and interactive groups where you can find the maximum number of hatred messages to promote opposite popular views. Many a times, some members across the line and that is against the laws. Do not try to enter into such groups as these can pose you serious problems legally and emotionally.

You will never know when any hot topic can stretch you to emotionally hatred messages. Internet can be misleading at times, and  it is important to observe the trends and also before condemning and claiming it false be sure you have sufficient claims of truth so that later on when you are challenged before court of law, you can create yours defense within those claims. While discussing any such debated topic within the sphere of a forum, it is absolutely essential for you to stay away from blind criticism. Healthy criticism is welcome in society.

It is always suggested thinking before you write and always consider everything in terms of legitimate point of view. Be aware of fake accounts. There will be some accounts which are there to impersonate someone. These are phony accounts but run by some anonymous people. In order to know the actual account, twitter, Google+ introduced the concept of verified accounts. In this approach, if someone wants to connect with definite individual then he should have checked his profile for authenticity.

The broad definitions of cyber terrorism:

Slowly, we have been pretty reliant on the Internet for our day to day activities. What if at a time, when some of the indispensable services come to a halt due to some reason. Here is one such practical example. Phailin hurricane struck in my city on 12 th of October 2013. It is fast and furious and with it comes the destruction of essential services. Continuous power failure for 50 hours occurred in and around the city. Inverter goes out within six to eight hours. Mobile and smart phones drained out batteries within ten to 12 hours. Mobile networks go out of control. There is hardly any medium of communication left. It does feel as if one is staying in the dark ages.

This gives a sense in extra ordinary situations. Mobile networks go off. Nonetheless, what if, due to hackers most of mobile networks go off, and people are still searching for towers in order to connect with others. What if the traffic control system of the city goes down? In action movie Dhoom, the fraudster John Abraham, defuses the traffic system in order to move quickly after stealing. We are too much dependent on the computational system on our day to day activities. So, when something attacks the system and the system goes offline, everything dependent on the system goes out-of-order.

How shameless can cyber-terrorism really be?:

No system is perfectly safe and we have to learn to live with it. There are sundry scientific fictional movies which depict about, how the fight between good and evil can happen in computational domains. The system depends upon numerous factors such as unique operating systems, servers and other protocols. When one such series of systems comes to halt, it reflects upon the entire architecture and the entire servers come to a solemn halt. Hackers only have to target one specific node of entire computation architecture in order to halt the entire system from running. Movie “Lice Free or Die Hard” is one of the best examples of how cyber terrorisms work in real time.

Diagnostic systems are controlled by highly skilled and trained professionals. A team of hackers has really tough time in cracking those systems. It is time which matters the most. There are times, when every system shows loop holes and experts are trying to implement diagnostic patches in order to save the system from external vulnerabilities. The possible exploitation of these critical vulnerabilities by hackers can make a complete disastrous situation for the company. Further, antivirus companies are working hard to stop these hackers.

Safety tips for end users in IT dealings:

Ours life has been revolving around the Internet. Many a time, we tend to over reliant on the Internet for our day to day activities. Now, instead of going to shop at the mall we are searching for the best values offer websites such as naptol or flipkart in order to receive materials at home from door to door delivery. Many a time is scheduled for electronic wallet payment system we have to pay through our debit or credit card to these electronic commerce websites. With modern cyber crimes such as phishing and data theft on the rise, it is better safe than sorry.

Protection of personal and private data is important. Google has pioneered the movement of people to come out of anonymity. It’s all in one Google+ account which needs your proper identity. But Google is trying hard to remove the barriers of anonymous which are against the ethics of the Internet. Cyber crime occurs when an ignorant person is the Internet. While during graduation, I used to reach a cyber café where I would like to check my in boxes. If someone wants to hack that email, then the original owner would not be able to access it at anytime.

Prevention is better than cure:

Apposite Internet education is the need of the hours. Hackers rely on their coding expertise, but they also used to watch internet behaviors and work accordingly whenever they get any such opportunity as mentioned in the above example. It is always better to have a dedicated firewall installed on your system. With Windows 8, with the advent of the parental control system, it gets major system revocations. One can use it in order to have a perfect child lock on accounts. Watch your children activities. Sure, your children do not meet online friends in off line locations. These virtual friends are fraud and meant to cheat your children.

If such a meeting happens, then choose a public place, for the get together in front of adults. Adults have seen life and will able to differentiate fraudsters from original humbles. Cyber languages are imperfect, and ask your child to refrain from using those in public life. Advise your child not to upload a photograph to cyber friends. Always use Wi-Fi connectivity inside your home. You can keep a vigilant eye on your child’s Internet activity. Advise your children not to enter into any such websites or services which charges money. Unknowingly they will enter into these sites incurring heavy expenses to your wallet.

While at Internet always be careful and mindful what you are doing there. Never writes down your password on any note pad apps. Memorize your password. Be wary of shoulder surfing. While writing password, always watch both sides of your shoulder to see whether anyone is there staring at your password or not. People used to turn off “auto update” feature of computer. They used to do this in order to save vital bandwidth prices. They are doing it wrong.

Intrusion defense system (IDS):

Hackers are waiting for unmatched computer with lack of “day light saving time” in order to find the loopholes inside your computer. It is always advisable to patch critical vulnerabilities of computer whenever it is necessary. It is important to have a standard form of security. If you have too much security, it will frustrate the user. In the initial stage of development of Comodo firewall, introduces to intrusion prevention system (IPS) which is a stronger form of defense against malware attacks. User used to confront with so many questions of allowing or disallowing different processes. This is ultimately creating a sense of paranoid about security.

Users feel no security is better than too much security. This is not. No security is complete submission of your computer to hackers and intruders. Most computers can be easily configured to have maximum security without implementing intrusion defense system (IDS) mechanisms. Yours firewall is the gateway to Internet. Use a good firewall if you are using older Windows operating systems (OS). If you are using the latest incarnation of Windows, then it is better to use default Windows Firewall. It is one of the best in business. It works silently securing your system. According to Microsoft, “Windows 8 firewall helps prevent hackers and malicious software from gaining access to your PC through the Internet or a network”.

Change with time:

With the advent of modern computing, hackers are also enhancing their basic intelligent practices. Before connecting to internet, update your web browser.  Most email providers have a built-in tool to report, suspicious emails to their server. Credit cards are a major source of fraud. Most credit cards are attached with your bank account. Keep your card details and CVV confidential. While swiping cards at the store, wait till the pecuniary transaction is over. If you receive unsolicited calls to request for your account number, never give it. Then, call back to your credit card service provider to check back. Never ever any such pecuniary organization would like to take back your passwords and account details. Beware of such phone calls and never influenced with it.

Identity fraud:

It is better to avoid these as they can access your personal information and then sell it to divide marketing ventures. Hackers will try to impersonate your account and steal your identity from yours. It is better to sign in with “Google alert” with your name, and Google will report it to your primary inbox whenever your name surface anywhere in the web. Online shopping is convenient and you can shop while staying at home. Never, links your primary savings account with your credit card.

Most hackers turned on yours “Forgot Password link” in order to break your password. Create your own question and answer in order to have a secure password. Public computers use cookies, user names and passwords, in order to revive your sensitive information. Use virtual keyboard while signing into an online bank account. Use a “Virtual Credit Card” (VCC). This feature is available to net-banking users.


The internet is a superb device; it is part of our life. It is not a holy cow. There is a dark side of the Internet. It is the cyber crime. Sadly, it is on the rise. Employ proactive defense to defend your computer from sudden cyber attacks from any online transactions. Employ preventive measures. Laws on cyber crime are quite complex. It is not easy to limit those laws in a particular field. Cyber crimes are ever changing phenomena. Laws related to cyber crime should be changed accordingly. According to Alfred Pennyworth (The Dark Knight), “Some men just want to watch the world burn”. Cyber crime has been performed in the past and it will be bigger in the days to come. Happy reading and stay safe.

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