What is Spam ....?

  • žSpam messages is a kind of message which is send by a machine to cell phones by generating the numbers randomly called as Brute-Force.
  • žWe can stop spammers from intruding your private mobile by keeping unwanted text messages, email and voice calls from reaching your cell phone.

Ways of blocking...?

  • Avoid sharing your personal information such as phone numbers , e-mail addresses which will used for sending anonymous messages .
  • Different Mobile Service Providers Like Airtel Vodafone Bsnl Etc Usually Offer Dnd(do Not Disturb) Service.

Blocking E-Mail Spam .....?

This is a step by step explanation process to block spam in Yahoo mail Classic view .

  • Goto yahoo.com.
  • Sign-in with your user name and password.
  • Click the Options link which is in top right corner ( Do this in classic view).
  • Then click the spam protection link in mid left of the page.
  • Then click the  " Turn SpamGuard on? ".
  • This will activate the spam blocker




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