Recently now a days computer security became very predominant. Now the government websites are also getting attacked by the hackers. Hackers are cleverly hacking the sites and doing phishing.

Why phishing ?

Phishing is mainly done for stoling credit card information, passwords, user names etc. Throughout the world, every year billions of money lost through phishing.

What is phishing?

Phishing is done through using botnets. In some sites when you try to close that one, you will requested that "Our customer representative want to talk with you. If you want to talk, then say hi". These programs are called IRC(Internet Relay Chat) programs. The botnets are mainly operated through this IRC commands. They enter into your pc simply through this IRC. Hackers will try to earn money through this phishing attacks.

If you had ever got mail that donate for the poor people like that, these mails will get for phishing attacks only. They tried to click on the links on the mails. Then they will prompt to enter your credit card information, passwords, user names etc. These are phishing sites. But they don't look like that.

You should good antivirus programs to avoid this. And you should also follow some basic security tips. Then you can easily get rid of it.

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