Computer Virus Symptons...

  1. your computer runs more slowly than normal.
  2. your computer stops responding or locks up often.
  3. your computer crashes and restarts every few minutes.
  4. Applications on your system don't work properly.
  5. Disk or Disk Drives are inaccessible.
  6. you can't print correctly.
  7. you see unusual messages.

These are the common signs of infections-but they also might indicate hardware or software problems that have nothing to do with a virus.

To Protect From Virus.......

well fortunately there are many products to scan and remove virus,but all the softwares do not work properly and cannot remove the virus completely.we have to use some best softwares .we also  have to know the complete usage of the software and how to use it .the best softwares for removing virus are avg and avast .they also provide complete details about installation and about protecting your system.They provide you live chat and also clear all your quires about effecting from virus.

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