There some tricks with the use of which you can apply security and also will get some knowledge


1.) To see internal & external IP :

a. Internal IP

method 1st

steps : a. My N/W Places [ right click ]

b. properties

c. Lan [ right click ] --> properties

d. TCP/IP settings

e. properties

f.We can see the manually configured IP address

method 2:


steps : a. go to run

b. type cmd

c. on smd prompt, write ipconfig/all

d. after this cmd, we can see the ip address & other imptortant things also.

method 3:

steps : a. got to taskbar[ LAN icon ]

b. right click

c. go to satus

d. click on support

e. now u can see IP

b. External IP

method 1st :

method 2:

2.) To Block Website :

method 1st :

steps:    a. open the "c" drive [ the only drive in which window is installed ]

b. windows

c. drivers

d. etc

e. hosts

f. open in notepad

g. type the website which u want to be block( at the place of local host )

h. save this

i. check taht, site blocked or not.

method 2:

:    a. got to internhet explorer properties

b. privacy

c. sites

d. type the address of website which u want to be block

e. ok & then apply

f. check that blocked or not.

3. To find the MAC address

method 1:

steps:    a. got to task bar

b. Right Click --> status

c. support

d. details

e. We can see the MAC address

method 2:

a. My N/W places

b. Right click --> properties

c. LAN R.C. --> status

d. support

e. Details

6. then see the MAC address

other names of MAC address :

a. Physical

b. N/W

c. hardware address

d. LAN address

e. Ethernet address

4.) To hide the MAC address

steps: 1. My N/W places

2. Right click --> properties

3. LAN [ Disable the LAN ]

4. Go To Lan properties


6. Configure [ ask for proceed , click on " yes" ]

7. advanced

8. Locally Administered address [ select it]

9. click on the value

10. type the new MAC address [ 12 HexaDecimal code ]

11. ok

12. Enable LAN   

13. we cna see the new MAC address

14. Restart [ for old MAC address ]


Netmeeting is the feature of windows through which we can communicate, chat, file transfer and desktop share  with all the pc connected through same LAN.

it dont need any internet connection

steps: 1. configure the netmeeting

2. type on run command - " cong "


3. after that a wizard of netmeeting will appear


4. click next --> next



5. In netmeeting we can share desktop, chat, file transfer, painting

6. Suppose that these are two ppc PC1 & PC2 , Pc1 wants to take the desktop of Pc2, then first it will call through IPaddress, if PC2 acept the call, then it can take the desktop of pc2.




Now call the another pc with the help of IP address of anotehr pc. and enjoy


Hope u will like it. please give ur comments

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