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As we all know the viruses and spam in the internet is increases rapidly , the most of the viruses and spams are present in the form of virus bomb which can easily enter in your computer through the network connections , you can easily increase your computer security by--

(1)check your Fire wall -- if it is turn off then their may be the chances that viruses or spam are enter in your computer -- turn on your fire wall.

(2) use any updated Anti virus --use any updated anti virus which can detect and delete the viruses from your computer.

(3)use any anti spam software-- anti spam software not allow any spam to enter in your computer .

(4)Also use virus cleaner software --The virus cleaner software is used to clean the viruses from your computer.

(5)Make sure that your task manager is not infected by viruses.

(6)Make sure your register edit file is open successfully.

(7)Not open any unknown email. -- any spam may be enter in your computer through any unknown email.

(8)Scan the pen drive or CD before open it in your computer.

(9)open your computer in the Safe Mode if you enter any new device such as pen drive or CD. With


Atul Barapatre.

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