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In many websites when you register you might have seen a bar showing how strong your password is, have you? Why is it important to create a strong password and how to create one? If you believe that only hackers are looking for a way to hack your password, please change your opinion. Do you know who else is looking for such sensitive information? Many hackers disguise themselves as good people sign up with various social networking sites and will start making friends. Slowly, they will analyze your interests, hobbies, like and dislikes, etc., get the clue for hacking your password and will hack your account.


You must have now understood who are looking for your passwords. Now, it is time to create strong passwords. Here’s how you create a strong password:


1. Don’t keep a password that is somehow related to your personal life like your birthday, wedding day, your boy friend or girl friends’ name, etc.


2. Keep separate passwords for personal e-mails and financial accounts. It would be nice if you can keep unique passwords for each of your financial account, if you have more than one.


3. Use symbols instead of letters. For example, use @ for “a”, $ for “S”, ! for “l” and much more.


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Strong passwords4. Ensure your password is minimum 8 characters long. Use a combination of numbers, lowercase and uppercase and special characters.


5. Take the first letter of each word from a phrase. For example, this article is about “How to create strong passwords,” you may choose a password as htcsp. All you have to do is remember the phrase.


6. Do you love any song or rhymes? Just keep the first line as your password. If you like the rhyme “Baa Baa black sheep” then keep this itself as your password.


7. Substitute numbers in place of letters. For example, htcsp can be written as 11j3s16 by taking a=1, b=2, c=3 and so on.


8. Think of things you would keep near your computer. I have a modem near my system and therefore used the model number of my modem as my password. Am I not smart?


9. Mix up lower and upper case letters. htcsp can be written as HtCsP or hTcSp.


10.Think out of the box. Do you love eating bread? Is your favorite watch is titan, you can set the password by combing these both; that is breadtitan.


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With these password tips, make your password secure and give a tough time to hackers.



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  1. Technogupshup

make your password with capital,small,numeric and special character

For e.g : Keyur@CyberKing111$303

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