Hi friends, let us now discuss about SMART HOME SYSTEM which comes under the technology ARTIFICIAL (AMBIENT) INTELLIGENCE.

           We are on the verge of an age of convergence, and the very first place you will interact with the new technologies will be at home. The most important room in the house, the living room, is where the majority of gadgets being made are targeted. This is because this is the room where you and your family spend most of waking hours-seeking entertainment. The gadgets will be controlled by the house CPU and will automatically follow you as you move around the house- switching on displays and when some one enters a room and switching of once every one leaves.

The Hallway /Entrance:
           The logical place for the main home security panel is somewhere near the front door. This will merely control the security settings of the house, such as turning on or off the movement’s sensors out sides, setting the burglar alarm, and auto locking the house at predefined times. All the settings will also be accessible from anywhere else in the house using touch sensitive video output devices, and entering the correct user name and password combinations. 
           The main CPU will govern the security settings as well as other important semi-Ambient intelligence functions such as privacy and data synchronization. Using secured wireless networks the house will also connect to various other devices, Such as the entertainment centre in the living room to send its instructions about what moves you requested for the evening, are what audio list is most popular at this time of day, and on this day of the week.
           The house CPU will also monitor the external security camera and watch for movement or people approaching the doors or windows. You will be able to set it to pop up a visual of the person approaching on the video output device in the room you are currently in, while the speakers will play a soft alert sound.




           Architecture reveals the working procedure of Smart Home System and how it protects the home from burglars. 
           Smart Home System describes how the ambient intelligence, is implemented in securing home from the intruders, and how to handle unwanted calls using Voice Recognition and Visual Recognition. For communication we use Wi-Max and Wi-Fi wireless technologies. In ‘Smart Home System’ we have induced a niche i.e., if a person comes to the home, he is inspected by the sensor devices and then the device categorizes the user (Known, Unknown and Expected) based on their preloaded information, where it provides the appropriate information to the user instead of owner. It also provides options for user to communicate with the owner, then according to the option the intimation takes place. This method is also implemented in attending the phone calls, where it uses a series of queries to identify a person, instead of his visual recognition. The  Smart Home’s Security System will automatically intimate’s to the nearest police station and the owner by means of a ‘Burglar Alarm’, only if any illegal crime has been committed by the robberies.

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