To Use computers, ATM's, email we need a password. To keep our personal data and information and protect from others we need password. If we enter wrong password or sometimes we forget the password it replied as "Did you forget your password" or "Username and password do not match" or Invalid user name or password". To avoid these here the steps to remember the password easier.

Avoid Personal Information: Dont use your first, middle or last name and nickname. It would be easy for a person who know's you to guess ur password. So create new words and use it.

Mix character: Mix different characters like caps, small letters, numbers, symbols (&, %, $). Create password easily and it can be typed quickly without seeing keyboard.

Use first words from ur favourite song/poem: Choose first words of the song and use it in caps or small letters. (Hasiley, varayo etc.,)

Use Different Passwords: Change your password 30 to 60 days. Use different password. Don't reuse your old password at least for a year.



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