Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has started 3G (third generation) telecom services in many metros across the country.On completion of competitive bidding this year telecom companies in private sector will be on air to provide 3G telecom services.


What’s 3G

Here, next generation telecom services are coordinated in very new platform. Existing multimedia facilities are getting upgraded and also the internet access will increase considerably. We can call it as Mobile Broad Band Internet. Advantage of this speed is on easy and continuous video broadcasting.

Using 3G video call is possible by which we can make calls by seeing the live image of the person on the other end. All we need is 3G mobile handsets on both ends. We can broadcast live wedding ceremonies and conferences to the persons who could not attend the same.

How it can?

Buy a 3G mobile handset and also a BSNL 3G service. Instead of ordinary SIM, here we use USIM (Universal Subscriber Identification Module). An USIM of 256 Kilo Bytes memory now costs only 60 rupees. 3G service is available in selected areas and soon it will be available whole across the country.

Mobile Television


One of the great advantages of 3G is mobile Television. If subscribe to mobile TV service, we can see many TV channels on the cell phone when we are under the coverage area. We can see Youtube videos without any fee.

To avail this service sms MY3GTV to 55447 (This format and number may differ according to different states).Soon an URL wick get. Click on it and download a 662 KB application. Store it in your phone memory or in memory chip. Different tariff is available and preview is free.

Other aspects of 3G

We can share digital photos

Easy download of music files and movies

Can play games in real time for more than one persons in different places(Real Time Multiplier Gaming)

Sharing of cinemas and documentaries with viewers is possible.

Live telecast of meeting, functions etc. is possible


3G services are available as prepaid and postpaid connections. Tariffs and application forms are available in BSNL websites.

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