Dell has recently launched a dashing new laptop named Dell Adamo 13. It is a stylish laptop and too thin with its thickness just being 0.65 inches. The dashing laptop is available in two shades Onyx black and Pearl white. It has an awesome look and is already famous among people . The range of Dell Adamo 13 starts from rs.1,20,000 onwards . the 13.4 inch screen laptop gives a glossy look too. It has a unique scalloped keyboard which is comfortable , easy to use and even helps to increase the typing speed . the keys of the keyboard are almost flat with glowing white light backup. The trackpad boasts a single multi- touch gesture and helps in spread zooming. One more boosting point in the notebook is that it has a circular scrolling which helps to easily reach the corners of the window . The stereo speakers are at the back but the volume boost is marvelous . Also there SIM card slot for cellular data access so the notebook needs no data cable to transfer content from mobile to laptop. One most important missing thing in the notebook is SD card reader which should have been there but is not. Also the notebook lacks optical drive and is too sensitive. Overall the notebook is good and has great features but still some features are lacking in comparison to the price

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