World is passing through a number of technological advancements and man is pacing with them all. The mobile phone which came to catch moving man within a circle became an all purpose device in recent years. We all are enjoying that fruits of the technology. And in recent days we are hearing the term 3G continuously. I think it is the word or technology that the world is discussing nowadays. 3G means Third Generation. Yes, the third generation in mobile phone services.

In India a lot of mobile phone service providers are there. All of them are competing to conquer the market through different methods. Actually the common people get confused in between the competition o the various companies. Recently all of us are able to talk to any one for a very low cost. One paisa per second and other offers by various cellular service providers are really a bless to the common people due to the tight market competitions. Different cellular service providers had began the offer of 3G long ago itself. But the people have to wait till Bharath Sanchar Nigam Limited ( B S N L ) introduced it for first time in India. B S N L had created a wide network for this spreading over two hundred cities in India. In my state Kerala also some cities are covered under 3 G services.

Now most readers have a question in their mind – What is this 3 G ? In one sentence we can say that 3 G is the technology of most modern telecommunication. Through mobile phones we exchanged sounds only at first step. Soon Short Message Services ( SMS ) came through which text messages exchanged. It followed by Multimedia Message Services ( MMS ) to transfer multimedia incorporated messages and pictures. When technology developed the same phone became able to transfer data and information through internet connections. Now through 3 G mobiles it is possible to exchange sound , picture and video simultaneously. In other words the future communication will be crystal clear and hundred percent safe !!!

Again another question will be forming in readers’ mind – What is the benefit to common people by introduction of 3 G services ? The greatest benefit to common people is that video calling will be possible by introduction of 3 G. What is video calling ? It is nothing but seeing the person at the other end of the line. That is we can talk by seeing the person in front of us even though he / she is far far away !! We will be talking to him / her as if he / she is just in front of us. Isn’t it a great benefit ? What are the other benefits ? The speed of various internet services like e-mail, video downloading , video uploading , multimedia sharing etc will be increased considerably. Data transfer @ 3.6 Mbps is possible through 3 G network. That is data transfer almost with light speed !!! Most of us have the taste of 2 Mbps data transfer speed in our broadband internet connection. If even it feels very quick imagine the speed almost double of it . Yes , really fascinating one.

Is there any more benefit ? Yes , it does not end with these. The television channels will be available in your mobile phone soon. You can enjoy your favourite serials and programs during your journey or any other engagements !! But there is a condition. The television channel should have agreement or contract with the networking companies. It is obvious that all television channels will sign the contract since they will get more and more spectators at any time. In other words all time will be prime time !! What is the ultimate result? The television channels will get a lot advertisement slots and their revenue will be rocketed. Is the list of benefits of 3 G end here ? Answer is again a big ‘NO’. You will be able to download movies and songs . You can create your own websites. You can share video and music with others. You can participate in various online games also through   3 G networks.

So in total your mobile phone is going to be changed to another device !! The SIM card used for availing the 3 G facility is known as USIM ( Universal Subscriber Identification Module ). Then probably another doubt will be there in your mind – will the present subscriber has to change his mobile number or SIM card to avail 3 G facility ? Answer is simply ‘NO’. The present number and SIM card can be used to avail 3 G services. You have to contact with your network provider for activating this facility with your existing connection. Thus your handset is going to be changed to a computer soon. All the above listed things are now done by computer and now it is coming to your palm and pocket ! The one and only one condition is that your handset should have 3 G support. 3 G support to a handset cannot be provided by any method. Then how will you know whether your handset is supporting 3 G ? You just go through the manual of your handset. It will be clearly specified in it whether the handset supports 3 G or not. I phone 3G of Apple , Sony Ericson W902, LG GD 510, Nokia 3120 , Nokia 5320 , Nokia 6120 , Nokia E71 , Nokia E75 , Nokia N73 , Nokia N95 etc are some of the 3 G supporting handsets. So if you wish to avail the 3 G facility , just remember to buy any one of these handsets .

To get more list of 3 G supporting handsets just go and browse through the web . For more details and registration for 3 G facility you can visit either or

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