Now a days, Laser used in various fields.

Industrial Applications:

1) Micro machining:

In micro machining a laser beam is focussed which gives extremely high energy density on a very small area which causes vapourization of the material. By using this technique, very small holes of 25 to 200 micron made into hard substances.

2) Micro welding:

In this technique, a focussed laser beam is incident on spot where the two parts are to be welded. The spot-contort points are get welded.

In Communication:

Laser beam has enormous bandwidth and it permits 10 million telephone conversation or 8000 television programmes simultaneously.

Laser light is not absorbed by water. Hence therefore, It is possible to establish underwater communication between submarine.

It is used in fiber optics communication.

In Computers:

Computer print outs are done with laser prints.

The laser is used to transmit an entire memory banks from one computer to another using optical fibers.

Laser is used in CD-ROM during recording and reading the data.

In Medicine:

1) Opthamology:

Treatment of detached retina.

Coagulation in diabetic retinopathy.

2) Neuro surgery:

Treatment of tissue in skull and spine.

3) Dermatalogy:

Removal of skim imperfutions by laser irradiation.

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