Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not about simulating the human brain. It is really disappointing that many of us have this common perception of correlating the aspects, human mind and AI. Human ways of doing things may not be the best way hence; there is no use in trying to mimic humans. In Artificial Intelligence, the core aspect is to make the machines do things better in fields that humans outperform them at present.

Apart from this, cognitive science is a field devoted to the study of modeling human brain.

I meant creating models to understand human brain.

There is no man made self sufficient storage device to store the contents of the brain itself so how would you analyze so much date at once like the brain does.

It is good to present ideas but relevant with the age in which you are living.

"If secretes told that the earth is round he was then living in the age where everyone realized that earth is flat and so he was given death penalty for not obeying the king of the territory and mentioning that earth is round. Well afterwards we knew that actually secretes was right and the king was wrong.

We can say that brain can be mapped in far future when we will have far more powerful machines working millions of times faster than today it will be possible.

Me and some of my friends are working on modeling mind in computer. Indeed, I agree that human or in general animal way of doing things is not the best one. However, you must see the difference in one principal point, if u consider any living body, any of its organs are not made for doing any specific job instead these 'modules' are just locked with the mind's will, and mind finds out ways of 'using' them in specific way.

Can we build robotic mechanism of a simple bird? Yes we can. But can that robot build complex nests like the real bird? No.

When you add mind to even a simple mechanism or logic, the possibilities can be limitless. Also it will have its own will in his own world, so it couldn’t be hacked so don’t fear terrorist attack (if you still fear that such system can controlled like some pet dog, then u must fear dolphins, jelly fish even the real dog more because their logical brain is much more complex than any computer we can build today)



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