Computer games have developed as fast as computer age. For example simpe card games has many interesting types. It has special quality of sound and animations. Now a days, games develops creative mind and prolem solving skill. Each and every level of the game enhances the player's mind and skill. Games developed with video animation and sound effects gives realistic experience. Some games give some roles to play with that games. For example, actor's role to solve a mystery, rescue the princess. Three-dimensional games are popular than two-dimensional games. This 3D games give more realistic experience than 2D. The powerful processors are wanted for playing 3D games. It also required high-speed movement and actions of users. Aeroplane flying, car racing, outer space combats are examples of 3D games. Artworks give artistic creations in different ways. Some are a collection of clip arts or pictures. That can be mingled with documents and presentations. Using multimedia, we can add animated sequences, images, music and special effects. It gives lifelike movements. There is some concept, in future, no require human actor and human actresses. Because multimedia create actor and actresses. One important demerit should eradicate from games. That is crime and vulgar. Because it will spoil the mind of youth.

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