There are some studies going on regarding Oligohydramnios, but no preventive measures have yet been made. The purpose of the study was to investigate whether using an Embedded Technology we can make membranes to secret Amniotic Fluid, there are no preventive measures to bring down rates of Oligohydramnios in Indian women.

Existing Managements:

1. Periodical Ultrasound scan be done to estimate amniotic fluid Index (AFI) [2]

2. Investigations to check the possibilities of preterm rupture of membranes and placental


3. Injecting Amnio infusion [3] with normal saline (NaCl) to prevent compression deformities [3].

Proposed Managements:

 In order to induce the placenta and its membranes to secrete normal amount of Amniotic Fluid (800 – 1000ml) implementing the Embedded Technology.  

Keywords: Oligohydramnios, Amniotic Fluid, Placenta, Embedded Systems, Fetus, Microcontrollers, Active potential.



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