We are now living in age of science. New inventions are coming think and fast. They are of very great importance.

The radio, the cinema, the television and the aeroplane are important inventions of science. The telephone and the telegraph are of great use to us in our daily life. All these have conquered time and distance.

Many experiments are now made about space travel. The result is the inventions of rockets and sputniks. Man is now able to reach the moon.

Wonderful drugs like penicillin have been discovered in the field of medicine. They cure many diseases. Much advance has been made in surgery also.

Science has helped man to solve his food problem. Huge tractors are now used for ploughing fields. Reaping or harvesting is also done by machines.

Atomic energy is a blessing of science. This energy can run mills and factories, drive ships and motor cars. And do many other things. It is used in producing electricity also.

Inventions in the field of electricity are very much. Computer and internet are trends of today and it helps to all other fields such as good database, software to dialy usage.  A lot more will come in future. All these are no doubt great blessing  to us.

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