All of us know about Bluetooth. Many gadgets and cellphones  use  Bluetooth2.0 for transfer and receive data.So what is new about Bluetooth3.0? Well, It would feature an increased data transfer speed to transfer large audio and video files.The transfer speed has dramatically increased from 3 Mbps to 24 Mbps. It also include a new feature known as the Enhanced power control that would reduce disconnects if the device is moved to a pocket or briefcase during data transfer.

It also uses Generic Alternate MAC/PHY(AMP) which allows it to operate at Wi-Fi speeds.The only disadvantage is that if a device has a different version of Bluetooth. it would not be able to establish a connection with the device having Bluetooth 3.0.

So if one has a multiple device supporting Bluetooth 2.0. he would definitely have second thoughts of purchasing a device supporting Bluetooth 3.0

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