As the number of internet users are increasing day by day the number of sites also are increasing. New websites are coming on daily day by day. With the increasing number of websites the number of mobile sites increasing are large and may be more than the increasing rate of pc sites.

There may be many reasons for increasing number of mobile sites. Few of them are listed below.

1. Increasing number of mobile users-Increasing number of mobile users is one of the main reason for increasing number of mobile sites. People make mobile sites as they get more visitors as compared to pc sites. In this modern world one day will come each and every one will have a personal mobile.

2. Cheap available gprs services - Mobile internet service called gprs is available at very cheap cost as compared to broadband and cable internet. Gprs can be afforded easily as compared to installing costly net at home.

3. Increasing numbers of people working online -  Internet has become a source of earning money for large of people and people learning web designing are increasing. People are learning things like html, php online easily. Knowledge of this things are required to build mobile sites.

4.Saving of time and reachable from any place - Mobile can be carried any where and so if your mobile has gprs so you can open mobile site at any place may be in college or in bus which helps to save time.

These are some of the reasons for the increasing number of mobile sites. In the future we may see that there will be numerous numbers of mobile sites and we will get confuse which site to visit.

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