Change is the key to improving some things. More change has taken place in the past 30 years than in the whole history of mankind. This change has included technological improvements to fast communication, efficiently and more effectively.

Today,  without mobile phone we may go back several years back. Mobile phone is also an electronic device. It is cellular phone, simply say, cell phone. People used the word ‘cell’.  It is a wire free phone. It is, unlike pager, a two way communication device like any other telephone. But, it is portable telephone.

Following picture describes the formal Telephone.


Following picture describes parts of mobile phone.


One can take mobile phone anywhere else within the boundary of  Telephone towers. One can talk with anybody else anytime. Now a days, it has the mass-appeal. It is necessary for us. It acts like one person’s important identity.


In the technological revolution, people want to have quicker communication than they send by post. In 20 years back, Inland letters and cards played main role in communication. Now, mobile is the key for communication. In previous days, cellular phones are very costly. Rich people only used it. Now-a-days, ordinary people used it as their part of life.


Now-a-days posts are used for official purposes. Personal information shared by cell phone   alt

Mixing with driving and cell phone chatting is danger than drink and drive.

Cellular mobile units are more complex in design than the regular telephone instruments. Cell phone is a two way communication device like any other telephone. Each unit is assigned 10 digit number.

Technological changes have  indisputably led to faster and more efficient communication. We have E-mail, Fax, Machine, Telephones, Video-Conferences, Telephone Conferencing, Pagers and Mobile Phones.

Mobile Phone facilitates us to have 64 poly phonic ring tones, 1000 phone book memory video recording and play back. SMS, memory and built CIF camera with zoom, speaker phone and predictive text.

As we think, we talk then and there. It has some radiation. Cell phone towers also produce great radiations that is EMR(Electro Magnetic Radiation). It directly affects brain. It is called EMR pollution. International Commission of Non-Iodised Radiation give some standards in the construction of cell phone towers. Companies should limit the towers for save the health of living beings.

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