Our communication field has developed to an extent that we can access Internet on our mobile phones. But the technology used for this is GPRS/EDGE. The new technology called the third generation or 3G will be providing faster Internet when compared to GPRS or EDGE. 3G technology came into existence in the near days. The next footstep of communication field will be to provide Wi-Fi access for mobile phones. For this the mobile towers is to be provided with the necessary devices for Wi-Fi communication and also to use it the mobile phones should have Wi-Fi access and necessary protocols.

Wi-Fi has different modes of communication based on their speed and range of propagation. New methods are developing by the researchers for getting larger distance of communication for the Wi-Fi. In this article I am going to mention about one such footstep. This new technology is called Wi-max or 4G. According to IEEE this new service is named as 802.16. This technology will be providing wireless access of Internet in the Metropolitan cities in the future. This technology can provide a range of 50 km for fixed stations and 15 km for mobile terminals.

In the future Wi-max will find application in almost many of the fields like traffic, medical, weather and many more.

Smart Grid in power distribution


With smarter ways of power consumption we can avoid the energy wastage and unwanted use. By the use of Wi-max technology the rapid analysis and checking of power usage helps to track the household and industrial consumption of electricity and we can adjust the energy production to meet the necessity. Also if there is unwanted wastage of energy the consumer can be alerted to stop that.

TV Broadcasts

TV broadcast

In the future the TV broadcasting towers will be replaced by the Wi-max transmission methods. With this new technology live broadcast of TV programmes will be possible in a faster rate than that we use now. A simple device attached to the camera is the only device needed for this technology. It will link the camera to the broadcasting antenna and the broadcasting satellite. Transmission takes place in real time and can be accessed and processed in the studio with satellite receivers and dishes.

Video tracking


This technology will provide video tracking of the streets and localities and will help to monitor the situations of important places. Moreover that it can be used for security purposes and it can be accessed remotely by the officials. Efficient traffic monitoring and control is possible with this technology. The density of traffic can be monitored and signals can be automated based on this.

Safer driving using Wi-max


The transportation system will become intelligent upon the implementation of Wi-max. The driver will be alerted about the traffic situations and blocks in their route and they can decide their path of journey. The advantage of Wi-max is that since it is wireless there is no difficulty for the driver to access it. He can operate his device from anywhere there is a Wi-max hotspot like in W-Fi. Indirectly it will ease the traffic management for the traffic control officers.

Tracking of routes


Like GPS tracking devices Wi-max will also provide an option for tracking of routes in a region. One of the advantages when compared to the GPS is that the tracking by using Wi-max will be real time and it will be more efficient than GPS.

Medical Field

In medical field wireless technology is widely using for various operations like patient monitoring etc. With the introduction of Wi-max this will become more efficient than the previous systems. For example if a person suffering from Hypertension is to be monitored then a sensor attached to his blood vessel will monitor the pressure and will inform the doctors when the pressure goes below or rise.

Reminder Services

With Wi-max we can set reminders for taking medicine or drugs on particular time. If the patient doesn’t opens the bottle of drug the sensor attached to the bottle will monitor this and will inform the patient to take the drug. This will be very helpful for those who don’t have enough time to spend for remembering this in his busy daily activities.

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