Communication and computing are closely related to each other. In an enterprise it will be the most important factor which is to be considered. While considering about large enterprises it will be difficult to transfer data by humans. Ti will be more efficient if a proper communication method is adopted. Wired transmission can be used for this purpose. But it will not be possible if the cost of wiring is immense. So in order to avoid this we can adopt RF communication method. In this article let us know about a new communication method which has larger bandwidth compared to older technologies.

Different communication methods can be classified based on the speed and data handling capacity. The latest technology which provides greater speed is the Wi-Fi. A new technology called the Wimax has been developed to increase the speed of Wi-Fi. The recent invention in the communication field is the Ultra wide band transmission. The characteristics of these transmission methods are

1. It have 25% more data handling capacity than Wimax
2. 1 giga bits per second speed can be achieved
3. Less power is required
4. Higher performance than any other existing technology

In the past few years the mobile communication the growth of mobile communication field is rapid. Day by day the new technologies that served our needs are becoming outdated. Need for better technology is becoming more. Ultra wide band will be a revolutionary concept in the mobile communication field. It will also find place in military communication fields and many other fields.
This technology is used for the transmission of digital data in the format of ones and zeros. This uses low energy and lesser duration for transmission of each signal. Burst method is used for the transmission of symbols in RF waves. There is no use of carrier in UWB transmission method. Ones and zeros are directly transmitted. As a result of this the range of this communication is about 15-100m.
UWB is entirely different from RF communication. In the RF transmission wave transmitted are continuous. Let us see an example for understanding this easily. If a man watering the plants moves the pipe in up and down motion what will be the motion of water coming out of the pipe. This will be the RF communication.

While in UWB let as assume a man watering a pipe is closed the pipe with his hand and releasing it at particular interval will seems like water is fired from the pipe. This is the concept of UWB. Very short pulses fired in the time interval of nano seconds will cover a wide area. When the duration of each symbol is varied we can represent the ones and zeros.
UWB wide band transmission can be used to replace the existing communication protocol called the Wi-FI or 802.11 and short range Bluetooth communication. The current fastest communication protocol is the Wi-Fi which is offering a speed of 11 MB/s. this is the minimum speed. It can get up to a maximum speed of 50 MB/s. but the UWB transmission can get up to a speed of 100 MB/s. this speed is the initial speed that can be attain by the launch of UWB. This speed will increase in the future.

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