Silicon is the essential factor of an electronic device. An electronic chip is made up of silicon wafer. But silicon is one of the rarest metals on the earth. It is difficult to extract pure silicon from its ore quartzite. The cost of production of electronic chips has gone to a high value because of this high cost of production. So it will be advantageous if an alternate element is used in place of silicon.

Silicon chips are expensive to make. So in order to make cheap chips plastic can be used. Scientists in Cambridge University have come with this revolutionary invention that will change the future of electronics. With this technology the cost of production of electronic goods will decrease and will revolutionize electronic industry and products. It will be beneficial for the common man because electronic goods will be available at low cost. There are some advantages of plastic chips over silicon chips. Lighter in weight and easy availability are among them.

Almost all the properties of silicon chips can be maintained in plastic chips also. This is one of the major advantages of using plastic chips. Also this will make the size of components smaller. We can print circuits on cloths and small devices that will make things extra small and smart.
The materials used for making plastic chips are Polythiophenes. Polymer materials are used for the construction of chips. For creating insulation polymer materials like PVP (polyvinyl phenol) is used. For active switching, semi conducting polymer materials are used. The double bond present in the polymers is providing the necessary electron for conduction. Also dopants added will determine the material is p type or n type. P type doping can be made by adding iodine and n type material can be made by adding lithium.

The manufacturing of plastic chips can be done by two methods.
1. Photolithography


This is the conventional manufacturing process


2. Direct printing of polymer transistor circuit.


In this method conducting surface is made by spraying tiny globular plastic into the surface like paper or cloth etc. inkjet printing technology is used for the printing purpose. Advantages of using this technology are that the time required for the printing process is less when compared to other manufacturing processes. Also this will reduce the cost of production.


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