Do you feel that your internet connection is slow? The speed of internet connection depends on the provider bandwidth, hardware’s like modem and your computer specifications. If you have a high speed modem then you can utilize almost all the bandwidth allocated to you. This will give you the freedom for using the internet completely for the amount you pay. But the modems available in the market now are not suitable for utilizing the complete bandwidth for a user. Cellonics incorporated have developed a new hardware suitable for the communication purposes that will increase the capabilities of the communication topologies that uses modems.

This technology will provide 1000 times’ faster access of internet. It utilizes an entirely different topology for accessing internet through its sophisticated hardware. This development is based on how biological cells communicate with each other and nonlinear dynamic communication system.

The current technology uses ASCII to for displaying zeros and ones. Then the data is sent through RF to its destination where it sis decoded. This technology utilizes the carrier as the reference which determines the output is one or zero.
In cellonics the study about how human cells respond to stimuli is utilized for communication. This study made it clear that human cells respond by generating pulses separated by a silence. Cellonics utilizes this method to minimize the number of pulses and utilize it for communication. Cellonics takes slow input and produces faster output. This signal is used to transmit over the channel. In cellonics nonlinear dynamic systems simulate the cell responses and formulate mathematical solution for this cell response. This technology will provide non linear responses and it will be beneficial for the business men who were working with portable devices. This technology is intended for providing faster and better data for long period of time.

Principle of cellonics

As mentioned earlier it utilizes the method of response of cell to the stimuli’s. This is implemented by nonlinear dynamical system and modeled biological approach. Cellonics is short named after cell electronics. Cellonics circuits converts data into spikes or bursts with short interval between them. These signals are closely packed such that the data content present in the data is very large which provides higher speed when compared to the existing data transmission methods. Circuit for generating pulses can be implemented by the use of opamps. The figure below shows the circuit required for the generation of pulses. The linear signals given at the input is converted into nonlinear at the output by the circuit.
The main application of cellonics will be in the field of telecommunication. The current devices like modem which converts analog data to binary and transmit over the channel can be replaced by this new mechanism. This new device will override the existing modems and can be used for the fast moving future.  

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