Google has come out with a new search engine after the deal between the Microsoft and Yahoo for the combine results of the search.  Yahoo and Bing will be combined and give a robust search results for the users.

Google looking at this today unveiled and provide a preview of its new search engine that will be on new address bar and well be well rely on the Google results and its search traffic and has exact Google display.  Google new search engine code name is "Caffeine" which will be more faster, accurate and comprehensive results will be displayed.

To have a preview : Visit HERE

The new search engine has been unveiled and out for public testing and in order to  get the feedback from the Google users about their new search engine.  This search engine is more robust than the current Google page.  This engine deals in crawling, ranking and page display issues.

We need to wait and watch how Microsoft will come out with the new announcement from the Google.  As Microsoft is already in deal with Yahoo to integrate Bing with Yahoo search, which will make them the No: 2 search engine in the market.  Though google is still number 1.

To check the new search engine :


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