By creating a web page usually have much enthusiasm and little knowledge about what elements are necessary to create a successful site. If the goal is that your website is constantly visited by a large number of people, then you need to consider each of the elements that integrate in their design and standards to ensure an effective search.

For this to work perfectly, you need a creative and innovative idea to call the attention of visitors, but also should consider some pre-established standards that will indicate the usual behavior of network users and the rules of web design.

If you can overlook these two aspects during the construction of your site, it is likely that the great plans for your page will never come to fruition it will be lost among millions of pages, because competition will eat you without thinking twice.

Among the best known standards are the following: HTML, SVG, DOM, CSS, PNG, SOAP, XML and HTTP.

And here we present several characteristics that identify them so you know why you should consider when building your website is:

a) will give you the chance to reduce costs by having the same version of the page in different formats without additional cost

b) Achieve a high degree of compatibility with different browsers available.

c) You may display correctly from a PC or even on new devices such as televisions and mobile phones.

d) Your page will be located quickly by the search engines used on the network, such as Google and Yahoo, which ensures you will have a better footing.

e) Ensure that the user enters her get the information you need and do not miss only a pile of useless words and images that did not apply in your search.

f) You will arrive more quickly because your audience will be built according to current and future needs of your users with a satisfactory speed.



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