Nowadays we are using many display devices.Here i have described about some of the display types which are all used in mobile phones and computer monitor screens.
Some types of displays are
Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display.These LCD Screens are normally used in computer monitors and in TV screens.
Quarter Video Graphics Array.The display pixel size of QVGA is 240 x 320.It has many standards and it is widely used in mobile phones.
Video Graphics Array.The display pixel size of VGA is 640 x 480.It was normally used in mobile phones which have little big screen.It was slightly differ from QVGA.
Wide Video Graphics Array.The display pixel size of WVGA is 800 x 480.This display is used in HTC HD phone.The Screen size of the phone is 3.8 inches.
Organic Light Emitting Diode. This display is used in NOKIA N85 phones.
Still,there are many display types are there,but the above mentioned are the most frequently used display types in mobile phones.

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