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The market is running in all direction, starting from search engine collaboration to fastest Browser.  Till Safari was unveiled it Firefox and Internet explorer who were ruling the market in the browser segment.  With many other party browser who always worked on the either of the browser platform.  We also had Netscape and Opera which were also in the race of the browser leadership.  Netscape being the old player in the browser segment retired himself.  Opera has come out with all new features and a new version 10 in the same segment.

After Safari was unveiled as the fastest browser, Microsoft released it Internet Explorer 8 stating that it is fastest but not to the mark.  Then came Firefox with it version of 3 series, which gave good competition to Safari and Internet Explorer.  Google who was also looking to enter this segment launched it browser Chrome with the most advanced features which no other browser had.  The screen of Chrome was big and menu were not present.  This led to more research and development in the browser section with more and innovative plugin in the respective browser edition.

Safari released its version 4 with many more advanced features and resolving all the issue and bugs.  Mozilla released 3.5 and 3.5.2 recently with making the browser more user friendly.  Yet Mozilla has not slow down in the browser development field.

Snap4Here you go Mozilla has come with its new version called Mozilla 3.6 code named Namoroka.  Now this browser as Mozilla states has the most advanced features, which runs faster than 3.5 version and works on the Javascript.  Mozilla has released the first alpha version of Firefox 3.6 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, a browser with speed improvements and new features the organization hopes to finalize faster than its predecessor.

Firefox 3.6, code-named Namoroka, has a variety of changes.  Some of the  3.6 features are

  • faster JavaScript,


  • Web programming language Firefox executes with its TraceMonkey engine;


  • faster page-rendering speed;


  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) technology for controlling some of the look of a Web site;


  • A new feature called compositor that handles complicated layout circumstances better.


    The major issue in the browsers these days is the performance where each every company are running to improve and give the best out from their development.

    Snap7Download links for the first Firefox 3.6 alpha are at the Mozilla Developer Center.

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