Opera mini is Internet browser used in mobiles. Its features, speed and security will give the best browser, More than 20 million people use Opera browser. Its free to download. It help to Stay in touch with your friends on Facebook, search with Google, get your e-mail on phone, do your online banking. To download opera go to www.opera.com and follow the instructions The shortcuts of opera mini 4.2 version. We can assign our favourite bookmarks in 1 to 9 keys. We can access it by Pressing the star(*) then the number pad keys . If you want a wide screen just press the *and hash(#) keys. By pressing 'star'key twice to get fullscreen mode. While browsing we can go straight to another site by using the # and number key 1, then enter the site name. To get your favourite bookmarks on browsing type # followed by number key 2. If you need the information on the bottom of large page use this # and 3. This is also used to get the top. To return to home page press # and 4. # and 5 give your browsing history. The page information given by the keys #and 6. To find some text press the keys # and * and type the keyword. To change settings of your opera by # and 8.

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