Notebooks displace PCs, they break records. However, it must be adapted accordingly. For example, laptops with glossy displays. They offer soft light in brilliant colors. Actually save producers and leave the expensive way mirroring. The result: under normal light mirror the displays so strong that one can not therefore work. Where should you care if you buy a notebook?

The checklist for buying portable computer

Windows Vista

The new Notebooks are only with "Windows Vista" delivered. As this goes well, you at least 1024 Megabytes, 1 Gigabit, the photo collection even 2 Gigabyte. So beware with Vista notebooks with only 512 Megabytes.


Use the notebook on the move, the battery must hold about 4 hours. Who in the vicinity of the outlet works, the battery from the notebook, is still the battery in it, the battery every time he turned, charging. That is of course useful, but it reduces the lifespan: a free replacement battery quickly from 100 to 200 euros.


Try before you buy a notebook, or you can get along with the keyboard. Note that if the notebook is closed, no buttons on the display button.


The mouse, keyboard etc. is connected via USB. Notice whether there are enough USB ports are in the notebook. Would you play a movie from the camcorder, then watch or a Firewire connection. It is possible to surf the Internet without cable, it should in this case a wireless connection present.


You also want to play games? Then use a notebook with 3D graphics. The current, average price of such a device is at about € 1,500. Notebooks without this cost about € 1,000.


A tool that burns CDs and movies and DVDs. Everyone uses it nowadays. You have a DVD burner only if you regularly want to secure more data on DVD. In this case, use a double layer burner, burns about 8.5 Gigabytes on a DVD.

Benefits Apple MacBook

With the MacBook you can choose Windows or Apple systems or programs to work. For Internet browsing the Apple system is great, it is much safer.

Good luck with the purchase of your notebook!

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